Modular fire place

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Bigred350, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Bigred350

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  2. jbailey52

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    Check out stone age... I've done several. They are around the 2k mark
  3. alldayrj

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    Cambridge has kits an prebuilt ones that you plop down with a forklift
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  4. promower

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    Ever considered building your own? Once you get a few under your belt they get easier and there is some money to be made. Can be a hard sell, Ive only managed to land 3 fireplaces in the last 5 years although the 3rd one we did went much smoother. I wrote construction notes and self advice in a notebook that I can refer back. Just a thought-
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  5. Mr. Midwest

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    I have personally met the guys at Stone Age. They are good guys and seem to have a bullet proof product. The only downfall that i saw was they appear to be very heavy to move around
  6. jbailey52

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    The stone age units aren't heavy. Well relatively speaking. 2 guys it's no problem to assemble in a couple hours. They even have a tutorial video with there guy putting it together by himself. I'm not a stone mason, so the time and quality I get from purchasing the unit then veneering with a stone of the customers choice is the only way for me

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