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Moisture meters..are you a idiot if you've not one?

Remote Pigtails

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Dallas, Texas
Mike-I didn't find it at leonard but I did find the lincoln at forestry supplies. it comes in 9" 24" or 36". I'm thinking a 9" is all I need. What do you suggest and why. Thanks


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Visalia, CA
The last time I used one was probably about 15 years ago while taking a soils class at a local college. We set up a test area and had four probes installed at various depths and then tracked the statistics over an entire semester. They were OK but I'm sure the technology has improved since then.

I do know they had (or maybe still have) controllers that work off of soil potentiometers and our experience with them was terrible.
Mike Leary

Mike Leary

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That's a cool device!

What moisture level should one keep in the ground for a healthy lawn? E.g., above 5? below 9?
The meter comes with a sheet explaining what readings for various types
of turf & plant materials are optimum. The bottom line takes some experience
with the meter: what you want is to first saturate the soil & let it dry to just
above "wilt point". By keeping track of days before irrigation, you are better
able to set the controller. Remember to insert the probe to the bottom of
the root zone. It's a big help..be carefull to avoid bending the probe in hard