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Mole Control!!


LawnSite Senior Member
Eastern NC
Help!! I have a customer with a nice lawn that the moles are having a field day in!! I have seen all of the Mary Poppins "cures" for moles such as "kill the grubs and they will leave" not to mention the vibration device you stick in the ground. I want to know what type of poison works best and how do you bait them? I want to kill em' not play with em.


LawnSite Member
Hoopeston, IL
This sounds crazy, an I have not tried this, but my folks came back from a visit in Portland Oregon. I guess out there they have a large population of moles. The cure that they use is simple. Bubble Gum!! I know, it sounds crazy, but they swear by it. Put some bubble gum in their tunnels. The sweet odor and taste will lure them and they will eat it. It will swell inside them and they cannot digest it. They will starve to death in a matter of days. If you try this and it works, please let us know so someone does not put me in the nut farm!!!

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
I have heard of crazier things. It doesn't seem to swell up when chewing it, but it might stick in their digestive system and clog things up. I have a customer that has moles, I'll try it this spring too. Thanks


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
Don't bother. It doesn't work - as neat as it sounds. We had the same remedy years ago, but with Juicy Fruit and it was said that you couldn't touch the gum after it was partially chewed or they could smell you and wouldn't take the bait. You had to use the wrapper to set it in it's hole and cover without packing it down. I have a friend that has a MAJOR chemical co. in our area, and there is some sort of topical spray he uses (not insecticide) that he guarantees works.


LawnSite Senior Member
For what this is worth, my aunt was 101 when she died. At 99 she was still doing gardening everyday. She swore by chewing gum to kill moles. Bubblicious was her favorite pesticide.

I myself have used a few of the spring loaded spike traps that you place over their running holes when I had a few moles at one property. They work, but you have to try and figure out which run is their main runner for a quick effect.

Jet boater

LawnSite Member
Evansville, IN
I swallow my chewing gum and I haven't died yet. (Contrary to my wife telling me it will kill me.)

I spray on a solution of castor oil and soap (surfactant) 2 - 3 times a year with a boom sprayer. Has worked fairly well for me.



LawnSite Bronze Member
South Bend, IN
"Repellents. Currently, there are several mole repellents on the market. These repellents are based on castor oil. Some success has been reported with these products, but no scientific research has shown a consistent result."

"Home Remedies. Many home remedy approaches have been tried over the years to combat the mole. Desperate homeowners and gardeners have tried placing various materials irritating to moles in the runways, such as broken glass, razor blades, rose branches, bleach, moth balls, lye, and even human hair. Some gardeners believe chewing gum kills moles via intestinal blockage. Some have hooked up their car’s exhaust system to mole tunnels; others have wastefully pumped hundreds of gallons of water into the tunnels. Frightening devices such as mole wheels (spinning daises), vibrating windmills, and whistling bottles have also been tried. In general, these home remedies have no value in mole control. More-over, some can be hazardous to human health, companion animals, and wildlife, or detrimental to the environment."

above excerpts from: http://www.agcom.purdue.edu/AgCom/Pubs/pdflinks/ADM-10.html

I'll just trust the guys who do the research on moles. In my experience their advice is much better than old wives tales and urban legends.

Green Finger

LawnSite Senior Member

A Smith and Wesson 469mm with lazor scope. This will get rid of every mole problem. (little overkill)LOL

double e

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lewes, delaware
I couldbe wrong but in school I think I remember they said they like eating grubs or nemotodes? If you get rid of them, then you will get rid of moles.

I'm going to crack open a book and see