Mole cures

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    Rat terriers will sniff out and destroy moles, snakes etc. Upside to using a Rat Terrier is that you can up sell repairs to the lawn when the pooch has accomplished his mission.
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    Folks who do their own gardening will often find grubs in their garden beds and freak out. Provided their lawn is treated for grubs, who could blame a lowly grub for surviving where there is no grub control applied?
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    I get those same questions as to why there are moles in March of after the
    snow melts they see new runs and ask me "What was the purpose of charging for grub control". I tell them that moles will eat grubs but they like earthworms as well or even as much.
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    Heard about lots of things that work (and sometimes they even say it with a straight face)! Yellow propellers. Mole chasing plants, beagle hounds, aeration equipment, rat poison, mothballs, sonic beepers (2 aa batteries--they go "beep" every 15 seconds), ultrasonic rat and roach repellers (electric), glue traps.
    If you have a volunteer and any are available...slide a snake down the hole. A hawk or eagle is good. Weasal or badger if they are hungry.
    Of course, mole traps are the only control where you get a body count. See some of my older posts, and the photo.
    Not sure if he was dead--could be he was faking it. They are cunning.
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    #4) Pitchfork

    #5) Fluid Film - It works great on everything!!~!


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