Mole issues in turf

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GardenofWeeden, Sep 14, 2004.

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    Lawn renovation in progress. We were grading the surface for aeration and seeding, breaked for lunch and and came back to mole trenches.
    When we tilled this yard it was easy because the moles already aerated Now the customer is alarmed about the future destruction on his new project. We haven't seeded yet.

    We have a 50# bag of Dylox 6.2 but since that kills the food chain and no harm to the moles...what effectively kills moles.
    Besides a .22 and a extra time the owner will have to safeguard his investment. Originally he set up mole traps and they burrow around them, he uses the pellets...the don't eat them...He calls me to renovated his yard...I bid that. But he is wanting me to perform a miracle.... Any suggestion?
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    Do you have a license to apply pesticide? If so you now have a new choice from Bell Labs.

    Have a look at their web site

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    I give, what do they have? searched on their web site and saw nothing.
    We gave up on traps for liability problems, have had luck with 'Kaput', we buy @ Lesco
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    Use Kaput Lesco sells it and it really works.

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