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    I am new to this forum, so don't beat me up too bad. I have a customer that has a real problem with moles. I did a search and came up with a product called "Mole Med". Where can you get this stuff and does it really work? I am beginning to think that this stuff doesn't exist. Can any of you help me out on this one?
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    I posted this over on the commercial forum. Here it is again.

    Go to their site.

    They list a bunch of places that carry the stuff along with a 1-800 # to call them if you still can't find it. They will help you find a distributor nearest you.
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    Mole Med is at best a temporary solution to a mole problem. It does sell because it does usually work, but it wears off and you have to continually retreat. Would you rather eliminate the problem, or just chase it away for a few weeks? Learn the biology of the critter, then make a choice of what you need for your particular situation.

    Most of all, use the great "search" button above. Search for "mole" or "moles", any date, and read oldest posts first. Many have contributed ideas in the past, and will not take time to repeat what is readily available with a simple search. On a "mole" search, you will get enough comment to keep you reading for quite a while. If you don't find the info to help there, then post a more detailed question.
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    I treated for moles for many years & had a very good satisfaction rate with my clients. I used Victor harpoon type mole traps. About $10 each even today. You must identify the straightest, most frequently used tunnels over a period of 2-3 days. I would step on all straight tunnels in one spot only the first day out. I'd flag every footprint with a plastic stick. On the second day do the same thing, collecting the sticks, & ignoring any tunnel that wasn't raised. By the third day you will have identified all the main tunnels. You omit any tunnel that didn't raise the same night you stepped on it. Then set multiple traps in all active tunnels without touching the business end thus transferring human scent onto it. Your scent will scare off the mole. The kill or kills usually come on the first night. I would leave the traps for the remainder of 1 week checking daily for the last 3-4 days. I charged by the number of traps @ $30.00 per trap. Using 4-5 meant a $120-$150 bill for one weeks work. On a half acre lot, would take 5-10 minutes to check & set per visit. I got good enough that I would guarantee a minimum of one dead mole. If not, the client didn't half to make the second payment. I'd get one half down (in case traps get stolen) & the balance at the time I left on the last day. I had 2 traps stolen in 3 years. I saw them in the neighbors garage but didn't say anything. On one other occasion I had a mole bleed to death after getting "nicked" by a trap. The client wanted to see a dead mole anyway. On the eigth day, I smuggled in a dead mole to get paid. I solved their problem, but wouldn't have gotten paid with it a slight of hand trick.
    I don't think I ever had more than 4-5 jobs going at any one time since other things had to be done & the nightly checking by flashlight was kind of weird. Even so, I had a waiting list and ocaasional regular repeat customers because moles breed & always move from the spot they were born.
    I've heard of using Juicy Fruit stick gum, shards of broken glass (moles blood can't coagulate like ours), & various types of vegetable oils. Zinc Phosphide (RUP) is no longer labled to my knowlege but was the safest chemical treatment & it worked great. The powder get's picked up on the fur, then they poison themselves when they groom.
    Various smoke bombs are marketed, but are pretty dangerous to humans.
    Most of the chemicals work only until it rains. I've never seen a case where the electric buzzers work longer than the battery.
    I cannot comment on the product you mentioned, but will suggest the traps where they can be safely used away from children & pets (5 gal inverted pails with a wire are good safeguards).
    Despite the gruesome nature of trapping, it works well & your customer finds it easier to pay you when the proof is hanging by it's limp paw as you extend the other hand for payment.
    You won't get rich doing this, but in my hayday, I could gross an extra $500-$800 per week in the busy months. It was worth it to me at the time.
    Hope this helped.
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    Tremor is right the only sure method is the trap. I have caught 500 to 700 moles a year for the last 20 years. I offer the trapping as part of my service. The victor spear trap works the best, I currently own about 100 of them. At any given time they might all be in use.

    I have seen the mole med used and I can't say I am impressed. I have seen and used all the other traps, wives tales, and concoctions you can imagine. None of them works like a trap. I have even seen a mole make a circle around one of those vibrators.

    As far as the human smell thing goes...I have never had to be too careful about that. I usually find the run with my finger, hook it in there and pull up to make the soil loosen nicely. I then very lightly push the soil back into the run and place the trap. I find that if I don't have the mole in three days I tramp the whole bunch of runs down and pull the traps. If the mole is back when I go back I reset the traps.

    Moles are solitary animals, it is very rare to have 2 moles in the same run at the same time. Even when mating, the female will drive the male off as soon as the deed is done. I have some lawns that I leave a trap set in a run that leads into the property and catch mole after mole in the same run a few weeks apart. I just leave the mole in the run.....let nature have it back.

    I know one other thing that was failed to mention, you hear a lot about the lawn must have an insect problem if there are moles present. This is about as far from the truth as is possible. I have found that moles move into lawns when there is a water deficit in the area. They move in when we need rain. Once we get a rain, they go back to the fields. Moles are looking for earthworms for the most part, not grubs. This is not to say they won't take them if they are there, but a mole population cannot be affected by insect control.

    I hope that we have shed some light on this for you. If you have any other specific questions......feel free to message me.
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    One thing we both forgot to mention re Victor Spears. Make sure to watch for rocks. Here in rocky New England, I found that the mole could be saved by a rock deflecting the spears. I would run the unit up & down a couple times just to make sure before commiting to placement.
    Mike brings up a valid point with repsect to lawns that are ajacent to woods. Sometimes the moles may seem to relentlessly reestablish under these conditions.
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    Another point of major importance: check with your state wildlife office, before offering any kind of animal control. If I remember correctly, in FLA you need a special license to offer mole control.

    Many other animal species, though they may be considered pests, are protected by state and/or federal law. Sometimes you need special justification or permission, or even a license, just to relocate a small animal who has become a pest.

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    Check out This man has dedicated his life to learning about and trapping moles(sad but true) You will find all you need to know and more about these troublesome critters.
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    hey, thats the same guy i useed quotes from regarding similar mole thread.

    good old tom schmidt. went to pesticide applicators conference in 1998, and used his class as part of recertification.

    the guy is a bevy of information with regards to moles.

    pretty neat!!!
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    pin wheels on metal rod placed around yard

    IT WORKS FOR ME Yes I know it is a wives tale yes I know it has no science. Yes I know I am full of it. IT WORKS FOR ME.


    Fla. requires only pesticide license for turf to treat for moles even though they are fur bearding.

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