Mole question for you guys

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by kirk1701, Nov 2, 2013.

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    I think she wants ya. Have you asked her out to dinner? On another note, one of my customers had mole trails at one of her property lines and she stuck those folding 18" tall wire fences (that go around flower beds) along the property line. it does appear that the moles have stopped. I guess they hit the legs and turn around. Maybe she thinks the moles are coming from your yard and she is just stopping them. That said, I think my first comment is most likely the answer.
  2. Landrus2

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    Hey russlleb you might be onto something here.:waving:
    Hey Kirk is she hot.:laugh:
  3. kirk1701

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    In case you guys don't remember she's 78 years old :hammerhead:

    No pics I don't want to be held liable breaking any ones computer :laugh:
  4. RigglePLC

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    Nutsy cookoo...most likely. Moles in your yard--likely due to the good care you are taking . Water and fertilizer, dense grass--that means more earthworms, perhaps softer soil--ideal for moles. Keep the traps handy. Are you using the harpoon type, wire noose type or the bear-claw grab it type?

    If you have any snakes in your area--put a couple snakes down the hole.
  5. kirk1701

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    Thanks Riggle
    The bear claw type I think is what you would call them

    I seen 1 snake this year and his butt was in the garage which is a no no.
    Would scare my mom to death if she knew a snake was in the garage so he got the axe :laugh:
  6. RigglePLC

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    Atta boy, Kirk! Now, get one more, and you can make some really soft ear muffs.
  7. kirk1701

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    That was from back in May, was just to answer your question on the type of traps.

    I did get one though; today. :drinkup:
    Was set yesterday when I found the new run so moved a trap from a run that had not been reworked and the little sucker found this one.

    I hope he was it, I'm being attacked from two sides now but that's nothing new, when they start moving they come at me from all sides at one time so I have enough traps to control them all, no biggie.

    No traps set tonight, mowed and picked up leaves and mashed all the runs down so anything new I see tomorrow I'll know they are fresh. :drinkup:
  8. Yatt

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    Hey Kirk, been a while:dancing:

    I have good success with the Victor traps. Kind of knack to set them effectively but they work good. When it gets dry and moles are deep it's tougher to get them.

    This company has some really nice looking traps for voles, moles and gophers.

    Talprid is supposed to be very effective but I am not fond of poison.
  9. kirk1701

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    Hey Yatt where yu been hiding yourself, good to see yu man.
    Yea, don't care for the poisons either I like to see results and traps are the only sure way to know if you got your guy :laugh:

    The pic above is the type I use, if you don't catch one in 24 hours move the trap; unless you don't see new activity which in that case there's no where to move to right.
  10. Yatt

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    The web site I posted has some great information and videos on how to trap moles, voles and gophers.:)

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