Mole removal and grub control

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by B16bri, Dec 22, 2013.

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    Hey guys I just bought a house and there are signs of moles. I think I may have a bad case because when I walk the yard there are a ton of really soft spots and when u stick your finger in the lawn you can feel there tunnel. So whats the best way for me to remove the moles from my lawn ? I know grub control is important when is the best time to throw down grub control ? And can you spread grub control and grass seed / fert at the same time
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    Moles eat mainly earthworms. Grub control seldom helps. You need a mole trap--plus a bit of luck, persistence and skill. The straight down spear type are the easiest to set. need a poison bait that is shaped like an earthworm. Talprid, for instance.
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    In ground traps, or rolling the lawn with a 100 gal water roller. They don't tunnel deep so their tunnels will be crushed along with them.
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    First off: Don't fall for the Old Wives Tale that "if you have moles, you need to treat for grubs." As grubs aren't the primary food source of moles. Such that, you'll get rid of the grubs, AND STILL HAVE MOLES!!! As other have stated the "best" method of mole control is trapping. And that is literally "'hit & miss"' at best. Otherwise you could try certain types of mole repellents, such as "Mole Med". The upside is that they do work, the downside is that their residual effectiveness is rather short.:nono:

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