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    i have been having trouble using my air mole. its a ditch witch 2.5" I think or maybe 3" anyway I am always hesitant about moling under a blacktop driveway. Quite a few of these came out shitty for me, the mole would always come up drastically. Lots of times putting a "speed bump" in the drive. Is there any tricks besides dig down 1 ft for every ten feet of moling??? Should I just get a smaller mole? thinking it displaces less
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    I wouldn't mole under a driveway. I'd cut it or find another way around.

    Are you putting a level on the mole before you send it through? Make sure it's level. Put your foot on it till it gets started. The longest run I've made with a mole is around 12 ft. But we have lost one before, Brown Universty , and it's still there today.

    Also what kind of material are you try to punch through?
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    Simple tricks of the trade in shooting air tools.

    1) For every 1" of tool you need to be at a minimum 10" deep to allow for expansion/compaction of the soil. If you have a 2.5" tool you will need at least 25" of cover (minimum).

    2) If the soil is loose angle the tool slightly down with your level. In softer soils the tool will want to follow the path of least resistance so you will need to recognize this when you shoot longer shots as the angle may need to be increased. When you have an area with low compaction this is extremely prevalent.

    As far as getting a smaller tool it all depends on what pipe you install. as you probably know 2" pipe barely fits in a 2.5" hole. It will decrease the amount of expansion above but will limit what you can install.

    Are you pulling the pipe behind the tool?


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