Moles Arghh!! Evading my Victor Out of Sight traps, any advice?


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Hi All,

My property is a very wet 2 acres about 45 NW of Toronto. I have had on and off problems with moles over the years, and yes I know grubs are part of the challenge. They are back again as of late last summer, and again this summer, and more active as the days cool off. While I have caught a few of these buggers in the past, they have been evading my traps in the last 12+ months. Last summer I sprayed my traps them with WD-40 to keep everything working and keep from rusting, and after doing some reading over the past number of weeks, I was thinking it could be that, plus human scent that was working against me. So about 2 weeks ago, I gave them a good boil in an outdoor pot with water and some muriatic acid added as well, followed by a good rinse, and since then have only been handling them with gloves to avoid leaving any scent behind.

About a week ago, I set all 3 of them, and I'll be dammed if the moles seem to be going around them or out and back in again. Even though I back filled with loose dirt around the set trap, I can see either tunneling around or entrance/exit holes. When I set the traps, I use a small spade to excavate a circular area big enough for the trap, I ensured that I was inline with a tunnel as I could see and feel the hole on either side. Before setting the trap, I built a "bridge" or "wall" of loosely packed soil and then set the trap so the trigger plate is just on top of it. Then I backfill with loose soil, release the safety and put an upside down black plastic planter pot over it to block the light - that is what has created the ring in the pic below.

Any thoughts or suggestions to improve my "catch" rate here?
  • Could it be that even after boiling, there is still some scents deterring them?
  • Is putting a black pot over the trap not a good idea?

Much appreciated!



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I’ve had great luck using EZ set mole traps and don’t do much other than find a surface run with my heel, tamp it down and set the trap.

Moles are frustrating though and will make you pull your hair out.

Lots of traps up your chances.


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Have you taken care of the Grubbs yet? I had moles last year when I moved into my house. I put down Bayer Grubb killer. I put some poison worms in a few holes, but didn't get crazy about it. This spring no sign of moles and all the tunnels were back to normal.


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I've used different traps in the past but now only use Nash Choker Loop traps. Not sure where you'd get them in your area but in the twin cities, they go for around $18 or so US. They are deadly and effective but they do need a little trial and error before you get really good. One good thing about them is that in loose soil, they still work. My method is to set the trap which takes a strong grip (and always wear leather gloves). They have very strong springs and you don't want it closing on your fingers! You need to then make two "slots" about 5-6" deep where the loops go into the soil. I have a narrow trenching shovel I use for this. The key is to flatten the tunnel before setting the trap in so the mole pushes up on the trigger when he tries to clear his collapsed tunnel. I usually set about four of them in one area and I rarely miss one. Do a little research on Eastern Moles, they have a very large territory so just one mole can do a lot of damage.

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