Moles Everywhere!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by new2thebiz, May 10, 2004.

  1. new2thebiz

    new2thebiz LawnSite Member
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    One of my best lawns is infested with moles and seems to keep getting worse every year. Ive tried poisons, traps, and vibration rods but nothings seems to work. Any suggestions?
  2. mowjoeman

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    Hey Griff i received a magazine last week and this guy is selling a book about home made remedies and in there he has one for moles ! it sounds funky but what do you have to loose? It's 1-1/2 tbsp. of tabasco sauce, 1 tbsp. of liguid dish soap, 1tsp. of chili powder and 1 qt. of water ~ he says to simply pour this tonic in the mole runways and they'll run away! Cheap too! no fooling it's called Jerry bakers gardening remedies and there's a bunch of other stuff that might work on other things as well? who new? mowjoeman
  3. Team Gopher

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    Hi mowjoeman,

    Here is a post that may be helpful.
  4. mjoaaa

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    Let me know when you find something that works. I will market the heck out of it. Worked for a fertilizing company for a few years who had a 5 million research center. Believe me there is nothing on the market that is 100% effective or effective enough to have an impact.

    I used to tell my clients to grab a shot gun and a 12 pack and wait for em'. It let them know I couldn't do take care of it and placed humor on the conversation. Depending on how the conversation is going I would even tell to invite me over when they got the 12 pack.
  5. Lovbcstiller

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    The reason why you have this mole problem is that the lawn has grubs. So, if you kill the grub problem the moles will leave.
  6. mjoaaa

    mjoaaa LawnSite Member
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    It is a common mistake to associate moles with grub infestation. In some aspects you are correct. Moles do feed on grubs, but also feed on other insects that live beneath the soil. Like earth worms for example.

    While you should control any grub problem that exists within the lawn (no more the 3 grubs per square foot), the moles will still have plenty of food sources to feed on in the same lawn. Ultimately truly minimize your chances for successfully ridding yourself of the mole problem.

    If you sell a grub control to control the mole issue, make sure your set - up a realistic expectation that the moles good be back, and don't guarantee the service or do and get a year of hedache.

    Good luck - Mike
  7. new2thebiz

    new2thebiz LawnSite Member
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    I think I might have found a trap that works, the Nash Choker Loop, just bought one 3 days ago and have already caught 4 moles out of the same lawn with it.

    lol, I like the comment about the shotgun and 12 pack too, I've actually done that on my lawn, and it does work nicely, but I think I'd probably loose a few customers if I tried it on theirs.
  8. turftammer

    turftammer LawnSite Member
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    like others I've found nothing that works but a sharp tile spade and alot of time.
  9. BCSteel

    BCSteel LawnSite Senior Member
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    There is a guy out here called The Mole Man. He has a mole killing bus going. He sets traps all around the props and checks them 2x per week. If people complain about moles I either tell them to get a cat or call the mole man.
  10. bugspit

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    If you got the time, push thin sticks in the fresh run tunnels about every 4'. Stay back with your shovel, shotgun, hammer, whatever.
    When the sticks move, you've got your mole pegged.

    Not very efficient but if you get $$ per each mole caught it might be an enjoyable event.

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