MOLES in my yard, HELP!!!


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Ashtabula Ohio
I have a customer who has a ton of mole holes in his yard. Does anyone know how to get rid of them or do I have to call a licensed professional? If any ideas please post here. Thank you much!!!!



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Raleigh, NC
Your best bet would be to call a licensed professional. Pay them to do the job right. All of the homeowner items you can buy at Home Depot and Lowes aren't as good and the moles will come right back.


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I've got a couple of customers that have mole problems. I'm using a spray that has castor oil. Suppose to drive them out for about 60-70 days. While their gone, I'll treat the yard and beds for grubs.

I'll take any other suggestions as well.


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There is no easy answer and most people apply the grub control at the wrong time of year, spring. But moles prefered food source is earthworms and while they do eat grubs they are not the primary source of food, so as long as you have earthworms you will tend to have moles.
Studies at Michigan State University have found the best way to control moles is to spray 1 pint of castor oil, mixed in 1 quart of water, over 2500 square feet and then water it in well. Less does no good and more is simply a waste of money.

Posion pellets work good and so do traps.

Personally my favorite is to rise at 5am with my shovel in hand, watch for movement, dig'um up and chop them into and leave'um for the Hawks. Of course the customer would rather you bury them.


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Eau Claire,Wi
I don't know where you heard moles ear earthworms,they don't..Feed exclusevily on grubs.Eliminate grubs and the moles will leave.Spring IS the time for grub control and then again around August 1,when they are in the larvae state(they will be closer to the top,so an insecticide will reach them easier.Best to water in (one inch)or an hour per location,after application..Buy a good grub control(scotts,etc) 18-20 bucks per 5000 sq. ft..


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I dont think you need to get a licensed professional to get rid of moles for you. You can do it yourself.
The only and most efficient control is trapping. Moles are very sensitive to unnatural changes in their enviroment so be carefull not to arouse suspicion when placing traps.
You can also place a water hose in one end of the tunnel, flood it slowly with water and wait with a spade at the other end of the tunnel.
Other than that there are a variety of toxic baits (peanuts, grain, etc) and fumigants available. Some work well and some dont. Fumigants will only work if the mole is in the tunnel at the time of application.
Moles feed on grubs and the experts say that you should treat the moles at the same time while treating the grubs.
I hope you get them suckers! They can rip a beautifull to pieces in no time.
Good Luck

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new to the site and 1st post but i've mole hunted now for about 5 years and the best way is trap but you have to check the runs everyday and move trap accordingly. by doing this each day at different times you may find one moving as stated above. have found that most of the time if you can find when moving will move close to the same time each day. I have about 5-10 customers a year that call for me to go mole hunting and the money is good.

2nd- moles do eat earth worms and just because you have moles doesnt meen their eating either they can have runs between yards.

3rd early june is best time for grub control we usually put down an ap. of merit at this time and we also put down an ap. around 1st week of sept. of dylox.

good luck with watever you choose but my luck has been trap and at least you know you gotem.


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I also read that a rat snake will take care of them. Slide one down the hole and leave him. (Not recommended in residential areas.)


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Ok go ahead and laugh but do try it.

Get some nice latex gloves. You know the type the doctors use.

By Juicy Fruit gum.

Put gloves on first.

Open package of gum.

Roll the gum up.

Then place in hole.

Moles will eat gum become compacted and die.

Do not touch gum with bare hands.


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Martinsville, IN
How about this method: You need a case of beer and a shotgun and just look for movement when the sun comes up. Never had any complaints, not even in heavily populated areas!