Moles in the yard

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ohbuckhunter, Mar 15, 2014.

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    I also heard jucy fruit gum. Its sweet so they go for it and the gum will kill them because it clogs their system. Another tail?
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    Where do get that it is the sign of a healthy lawn? You are implying something that I did not say. The facts are 99% of a moles diet are earthworms, not grubs. Are you dating that because your lawn has earthworms the lawn is healthy. I have seen earthworms in every kind of lawn, from crappy to great looking.
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    It means earthworms enrich the soil so you have better soil in which to grow healthy turf. Although proper cultural practices come into play also. One needs the other for healthy turf. Yes juicy fruit gum is better used for chewing than trying to give a mole something it cannot digest. They prefer hubba bubba. JK!
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  4. Valk

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    How about those laxative gums? Give 'em the runs!!
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    They've got to be set in a "main" tunnel, which are usually straight and link others. The "feeder" tunnels are usually scraggly and random directed with dead-ends.

    Yep, they mostly eat earthworms.
  6. ohbuckhunter

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    Didnt get him last night. Moved the traps a little bit ago. Hopefully I got one in the main tunnel.
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  8. JCLawn and more

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    That's what I meant about the soil. Worms ariate, fertilize and so on. Not that the lawn is in good shape.
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    When a customer calls me about moles I let them know that I'll sub the work out and just add it to the bill. I do give them a heads-up that the rate around here is now $70/mole.

    That's one thing that irritates me. 5 years ago it was $25, then $50, now $70. For putting in mole traps!

    On my own lawn, when I see a fresh run I put the end of the water hose in the top of the run and turn it on. And stand WITHOUT MOVING, with a shovel, further down the run. It takes several minutes, but he will surface, and then WHAM!

    Here's the deal...take care of moles ASAP because they destroy lawns very quickly.
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    Good old school style!
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