Moles/Voles running wild

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassmasterswilson, Dec 4, 2012.

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    I hope this doesn't come off as a rookie question but here goes....

    Its December 4 and I'm seeing lots of tunnel activity. You would think by now that it should be slowing. It's real dry here and it has been unusually warm the last few days.

    I've had more calls about tunnels this year than in years past. Even in my lawn I'm seeing them now(I've been here a year so still working on my lawn). I don't have a required grub program and run it as an optional service.

    So what can be done to slow them down????
    - would grub prevention help? I know that earthworms are the primary source, but decreasing grubs would decrease the readily available food. Any grub killing application now would not work well because of the size of the grubs imo
    - trapping may be out also. There is a species of mole that is on the endangered list and therefore is protected. I have some emails into local extension people for advice on this.

    So what can be done? Anything? Nothing? I hate to see the tunnels rut up the lawn and there for tear up the root system.
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    I would say poison baits or traps--but--you said they are protected in your state... some species?
    Really? Are they good eatin' or what?

    Call a licensed pro--(vertebrate pest) and let him pay you a finder's fee.

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