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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by yardmonkey, Oct 18, 2000.

  1. yardmonkey

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    I occasionally come across yards with moles and people sometimes ask me what to do about them. Any ideas on
    getting rid of moles? Thanks
  2. GroundKprs

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  3. sunrise

    sunrise Banned
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    chewing gum
    also a big cat
  4. turfquip

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    <A HREF="">Here's a link</A> that may be helpful
  5. yardmonkey

    yardmonkey LawnSite Senior Member
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    Groundkprs - Excellent article! Covers the subject thoroughly and conscisely. I printed it out and will give copies to customers. I doubt that I want to get involved beyond that. Going around checking traps for dead moles - yikes!

    Sunrise - chewing gum is mentioned in the article as one of many home remedies that they didn't think were too useful. Someone once told me to feed them radishes. Cats and dogs are mentioned as sometimes being useful (though only some cats or dogs are interested in moles).

    turfquip - interesting graphic. I assume you are referring to the info on grub control. The Purdue article mentions that grub control is not too good since grubs make up only a portion of the moles' diet and the chemical control may be expensive and temporary - the moles may come back later.

    The article indicates that traps are the best method for controlling moles and discusses several types of traps.

    Thanks again for the excellent link - I suggest anyone dealing with mole problems print this out. Good for your own info or just to give to customers, who should be impressed with your helpfulness.
  6. plymouthvaliant73

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    Great link to the purdue pdf article.

    Be sure to know if you have moles (carnivorous) or voles (vegetarians).
    The North Carolina State University Extension Service "Moles And Voles" Page

    Grub control often solves the problem, but may not in some cases because moles will also feed on earthworms and insects.

    Everbody and every reference I've seen seems to agree that trapping is the best way.

    My customer would not allow trapping. I have used with success a castor oil based repellent spray. Applied once a month until problem under control (two years) and now every two months.

    Expensive? Sure. Customer willing to pay. He is very proud of his beautiful lawn.

    The moles continue to be active in unsprayed areas around the lawn (mulch beds and forest). So what.

    Some other links:
    On the expensive side, a pint of this will cover about 5,000 sq.ft. You have to follow directions. May have their own MSDS that you can download. This site has info only, no sales. (Moles In Horticultural Plantings, North Carolina State Universtiy Extension Service) (The North Carolina State University Extension Service "Moles And Voles" Page) (Barr Products, Several Recipes For Mole Spray) (moles, pdf document)

  7. Barkleymut

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    Forget all that stuff. My dog "Barkley" will kill anything that moves in your backyard. By the way I rent her out for $150 a day. (I can't live without her). But if you have $150/day I guess I can. By the way I guarantee she will kill at least 2 mammals per day. If you have to know she is part Black lab part Greyhound and part mutt.
  8. Runner

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    Does she come with a blade and a rake to backfill the holes?:)
  9. yardmonkey

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    plymouthvaliant73 -
    (my last car was a 73 valiant, before that a 70 valiant, currently 79 volare/duster)

    Thanks for your reply.

    Yow!! It will take me awhile to get through all that, but I will be checking it out. Interesting subject. Thanks for the links!
  10. gusbuster

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    I've been recomending mole-med to my clients. I have had good results. It is expensive,but if the client is willing to pay, why not?

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