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    <b>I don't want to mow the lawn!!! You got too because Dad has work all week and he needs a day to rest, besides you want your allowance don't you? Yes!,BUT why can't you just get a gardener to do it like the jones have?
    You know they would do it better than me!!!

    Because.... (what could some of the answers be?, you answer for her.)

    Then Theres the Home owners that may be like this.

    Tom, Lets talk about our lawn and getting someone in here to do the work so we have the weekends together and do the things that we want to do! Share!! You know we just got this new home and we are up to our necks now, with the bills. Yes, I know we are, but We should be able to get someone for 20 or 30 a month to do it....or see if some of the kids on the block want to make 3.00 to 5.00 a week to mow and blow! Well, go ahead and see if you can find someone in the phone book, or call kelly and see who they are useing and what it is costing them.....but you know our budget.

    Now if you were Share, and was going to get some bids, what would you be looking for, from that bid..?


    Thanks for any input on this...</b>
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    Unfortunately for me I wont be able to give you the answers your looking for as to the reasons why the child(ren) should not be helping out with the chores. I personally do not think that the sports, part time job, or g/f are valid excuses.

    When we were growing up we all had to do chores which included the landscape maintenace of our parents home. My fathers opinion was thsat if we were old enough to have jobs and didnt want to do it that we could hire someone and then divide the expense amongst ourselves. He was hell bent on it was our responsibility and he didnt care how it got done as long as it got done!

    To answer your questions about what they should be looking for where a new contractor is concerned, they will probably be looking for someone who has been in the neigborhood for quite some time and has established a name for themselves thereof.

    I would also think they would be looking for an LCO that is personable and trusrtworthy. If the inital consultation did not go well, I would imagine that they would quickly move on to the next contractor.

    Most of our clientel are avid gpolfers who infer with their greenskeepers more often than not for information of how their own property should be maintained. I would think that knowledge of proper horticultural practices would be something they might consider as well.

    Just my nickle on your question. Good Luck this season!

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