Momentum fx in a Perma green Mag.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by The Turfinator, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. The Turfinator

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    I have ran Three way in my PG all spring, but now I seem to be having less than perfect control of ; ground Ivy, clover and wild violet. my rep at Lesco advised me to use the Momentum fx that I had left over from last season. I stopped using the Momentum last year because they said it will clog the spray nozzles, now they say the solution to the problem maybe to mix the momentum fx with warm water and continue to stir or agitate during mixture to properly suspend the chemical in the water. I am now the ginny pig to see how well this works and provide feedback to Lesco. My questions are has anyone used Momentum fx in a PG and has it clogged the nozzles? How did you mix it?
  2. Tim Johnson

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    use it all the time, in our PG. Fill tank 1/3 with water, add chemical, and fill up the rest of the tank. Do you add spread sticker? You could be adding too much.
  3. TOMMY1115

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    Here's the skinny on your Momentum FX clog problem.
    If you do not have enough water in your tank and try to add FX, it will clog. It has something to do with the Floxypr (spelling) in the FX formulation. To combat this, just make sure you have your tank fill at least 1/2 way before adding FX.

    I've had a few customer complain about that problem and when they filled their tanks 1/2 way, the issue stopped.

    Hope that helps.
  4. turfsurfer

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    The problems I had with Momentum Fx were last Fall when the temps dropped to 60 and below. The high salt content would crystalize and clog screens on my Z-spray within 50 ft of travel.. Did not happen with higher volume skid sprayer. No problems this Spring in warmer weather.
    When did you stop using last year? Was it Fall with colder temps? If so, try it now.
  5. turf78

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    That's why there is Momentum FX 2. The formulation was changed because of the clogging with FX.
  6. americanlawn

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    Try "Chaser" herbicide from UAP. It's what we use, and it kills hard to kill weeds.
  7. The Turfinator

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    Thanks for the advise!

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