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    i have a yard to spray going to use pg ultra. Recommended 1.5 oz per thousand. If i use the grey tips on the pg according to manual that is 30oz per thousand. I did my own volume test out of one of the grey tips, it put out 24 oz in 30 seconds. So this machine through two grey tips should put out half a gallon per thousand. Manufacturer of tip says it puts out .27 gal per thousand. So math tells me that two tips are .5 gallon. That would make a mixture of 3 oz per gallon. Yard is 12k, so it should take 6 gallons to do. Someone tell me if this math is way off.

    .5 gal per 1k
    6 gal to do 12k
    1.5 oz per 1k
    3 oz per gallon

    thanks for the help
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    Calibrate first. How many sqft are you covering per gallon? If at 4 mph and spraying 8 feet wide you are covering 2816 sqft per minute.

    24 ounces per 30 sec, is 48 ounces per minute. With two nozzles that is 96 ounces per minute. Divide by 2.816 to get 34 ounces per thousand sqft.
    128 over 34 is 3.76 thousand sqft per gallon. (about .26 gallons per thousand sqft).

    3.76 times your rate of 1.5 ounces is 5.64 ounces per gallon.

    You need around 3.19 gallons to cover your 12,000 sqft.

    Naturally it all depends on your speed and swath width (measured center to center. )

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