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    I was wondering what others think: I have used momentum for last 2 years on my properties w octane. They are all bad with ivy,clover etc.. Have used 3-way some. Do you think I should switch this spring to different product that will give all same control as momentum or just stay same? Worried about weeds being used to momentum and harder to control.
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    I do not think that weeds are likely to become "used to" or resistant to Momentum. However, It is a good idea to switch products say between spring and fall, or year to year, because weed control mixtures have differing spectrums of control. Weak on some weeds and strong on others. Hit 'em high--hit 'em low. And double check your calibration--make sure you are actually using the rate you planned. And use it maximum strength--don't waste your time killing some of the weeds--kill em all. And be sure to add a heavy shot of surfactant.
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    You'll see resistance when you apply something and it doesn't actually kill the plant. If your getting a full kill with whatever your using your not getting resistance. If you do have survivors after an application then you need another kind of chemistry or control method.

    You may not need max rate all the time. But certainly go at least as much as what is recommended.

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