Momentum killing grass HELP!!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by griffy77, Feb 16, 2006.

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    I just bought some Momentum back in November for the first time because I had read alot of good things about it here. I have a bkpk sprayer from lesco set to 1000k/g or the first setting if any of you are familiar with lesco sprayer. I mixed it 1oz to g for spot treatment. The spayer holds 4g so a total of 4oz was added. In fact I think I used less just to see how well it performed. I just sprayed my yard and neighbors for weeds. Now its Febuary and I have noticed everywhere that I sprayed the grass has turned brown and looks like its dieing. I live in WV so its been pretty cold here lately and had our first real snow storm this past week. Is this normal will the grass bounce back or did I just kill my grass. Should I have not put Momentum down that late in the season. I thought it was safe since it was late in the season and temps were low. On a bright side it did kill the weeds but seem to kill everything else. Did i do something wrong? I followed the instructions on mixing properly. Should I have used less. Has anyone else ran into this before?
    Thank god I didnt apply this to a customers yard.

    Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.:confused:
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    With out being there I would consider a couple of things. 1st did you fill the sprayer halfway with water then add product,shake ,add remaining amount of water, then spray back into container until mixed? IF you added product first it could have gotten into the spray hose at full strength. The other thought would be if the sprayer had any other chemical or antifreeze, etc.. sometimes they store them in a cold warehouse and it could have had something in it which contaminated it. Good Luck.
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    Did you drench the weeds or just mist them? You only need a little on the weed for it to work. Did you have roundup before in the tank? 1 tank per product! Good Luck and I think momentum works great!:waving:
  4. garydale

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    I leaning toward applicator error on the actual spraying.

    Did you use a flat fan nozzle?
    Did you use a swiping motion across the area to be treated.
    If you did a "point and shoot" to point of runoff, it's could be overdosed with momentum.

    Very generally 4 gal. of mix should do 4/K of lawn.

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