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    My question is .Is there a right temp to apply Momentum?From what i've read on this ,It doesn't specify a certian temp.If the weeds are activaly growing like they are now ,can i apply it now? I gennerally put down weed an feed w/momentume in mid april . the temps here have been in the mid 40's to 60'sI went ahead an tried it on my own lawn a few days ago .I mixed it .05 onces per gall in a 4 gal sprayer,like it said .my dealer says that i need to use deminision or 3way ester,but I don't know why this wouldn't work .My clients lawns have been mowed at least 3 times since fall an they are all overseeded lawns. just looking for some input.Thanks
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    If you use 1oz of sprayer sticker per gallon,it should be sufficient to spray at that temp.
  3. osc

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    Momentum is broadleaf control and Dimension is a barrier chemical for crabgrass prevention. If you are expecting seedlings to come up after applying Dimension, forget it. I wouldn't use Dimension on a lawn that has been overseeded.

    I am not in tune with the climate of Tenn. but in Ohio we put down crabgrass control in 3rd week of April and broadleaf control in 2nd week of May. I wouldn't think your broadleaf weeds are active enough yet for Momentum, which is highly ineffective anyway.

    When you want to kill existing weeds, I would suggest using Trimec liquid.
    I assume you have a commercial applicator's license, as all states require them for use of herbicides.
  4. How exactly can he get an applicators license if he has no idea of the difference between ester and amine selective herbicides?

    Some questions are better left unanswered to protect the general public.
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    I noticed on the label of momentum that annual rye is not listed as one of the grasses that it can be applied to. Perrenial Rye is on there. Anyone tried it?

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    If your wanting superior performance in the cooler temps use the Esters. The alcohol tends to penetrate the plant tissue quicker.

    I've had tremendous success with Momentum when the temps are above 70. Possble applicator error if OSC has had ineffective results with Momentum. Living in the backyard of PBI Gordon there is quite a bit of Momentum and other Riverdale products being used around here with equally solid results.
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    Momentum is about 15% foilier absorption and 85% systemic kill through the roots. The fert has a greater effect than the herbicide. If you want to kill bradleaf, you can't beat liquid.
  8. Mscotrid

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    I rarely use if ever a weed and feed just for that reason. Try Momentum liquid, apply at 1.1-1.5oz/1000 with sticker. I will admit in cooler temps Momentums activity is slower and our customers want the weeds dead yesterday. You can feel confident the weeds will die and ask your customers to be patient.

    I would like to stress, you will have higher desirable kill ratio if Esters are used during this early spring period.

    PS- As I'm sure all of you are waiting anxiously, Nebraska Cornhuskers spring game is less than a month away. GO HUSKERS:)

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