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    My question is .Is there a right temp to apply Momentum?From what i've read on this ,It doesn't specify a certian temp.If the weeds are activaly growing like they are now ,can i apply it now? I gennerally put down weed an feed w/momentume in mid april . the temps here have been in the mid 40's to 60'sI went ahead an tried it on my own lawn a few days ago .I mixed it .05 onces per gall in a 4 gal sprayer,like it said .my dealer says that i need to use deminision or 3way ester,but I don't know why this wouldn't work .My clients lawns have been mowed at least 3 times since fall an they are all overseeded lawns. just looking for some input.Thanks
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    I began using Momentum last Feb and sprayed it thru early June. If weeds actively growing, you will get control. If day temps reach at least 50, it will work quickly. Use it now to smoke dandelions and such. The rate per gallon you stated seems weak, but it all depends on how much mix you are applying per m. Use the highest labeled rate and it works pretty good. If you have a lot of onions, make sure the lawn is cut before the momentum treatment for best results. I mix my own weed control now and it works better than momentum, but momentum works better than three way at least in Middle TN. E-mail me for the ultimate weed control brew. Later "The Turf Doctor"

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