MOMMA needs milk money!

Norm Al

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tampa, florida
......thats the reason i started mowing!

Do you still love mowing or are you just doing it to earn a living and are stuck in the green industry hell?


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N.E. Wisconsin
I live in Wisconsin, cows are everywhere so it isn't for the milk money.
Been doing this for 9 years now and still enjoy the good as well as some of the bad that comes along with it. Its like anything you do. Its what YOU make it. I am not a full timer but I have 25 accounts in the summer and I have about 50 fertilizer customers. I spend on average 40 hours a week plus between customers, maintenance, billing and office work. Not complaining.


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Hardwick, MA
I don't mow lawns (yet...but plan on adding a crew that does), but I do alot of PHC & such...

All things considered?

Some days can be a real toilet, but I'm still very much happier doing "green" work than when I was stuck in an office. I wish I had came back to it sooner.


Yard Perfect

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I can't imagine sitting in a office when I can be wallowing in the mud, rain, wind, blood, cold. That being said, I wouldn't trade my 60 accounts and pleasing people for anything.



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Southern Indiana
I do enjoy it. Certainly some properties are more enjoyable than others. About the middle to the end of summer, I start feeling like I need a break sometimes. Definalely I like it much better than when I used to work indoors at the factory I used to work at for 16 years. Its weird, I still maintain the same factory as far as mowing, fertilizing, trimming bushes, leaf clean-up and now snow plowing. I make almost the same amount of money as when I worked there, only I show up once a week or so. :D

Jason Rose

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I enjoy this work immensly! Those nice days when I get to de outside all day when most everyone else is stuck inside make up for the crappy days, the rain outs, the grass that grows 8 inches a week, ect... Of course we all get pretty optimistic about our work when it's 15 degrees outside and we are cooped up in the house because it's even too cold to try and heat the shop to go out and look at the equipment I already serviced for the spring. Yeah, boredom is setting in...

There's just something satisifying about being self employed. Even though most everyone has strict set schedules and is up and working at a certian hour and dosn't finish till it's done, it just feels so much more comfortable than going to a place and punching a clock every day.


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JRose, I agree with what you had to say. I worked in the green industry as a commercial applicator for over 5 years for 2 other company's before starting my own business this past year. I only do mowing, pruning, mulching, clean-up, gutters, and snow removal- no lawn apps. now. I feel alot of freedom in owning my own business (except from Uncle Sam, he's got us all by the cojones), I enjoy watching things grow and building on my business and reputation. If I could just overcome the boredom of winter I would be set.


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Southern Ohio
Starting out it seemed like a job and I was glad it was only 7 months out of year. Now, I love it, like to have it year round with warm weather. Beats a factory job, in doors all day.


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Morgantown, WV
We don't do as many lawns as when we first started(70 week) and it is more of a relaxed a state of being now. Don't get me wrong, I love the money mowing generates, but I couldn't do it 5 days a week for eight months.I like to have the extra time each week to do maintenance and installs.I am probably going to add another 15-20 accounts this spring to the mowing crew,though, and bump it back up to 45-50 weekly mowing accounts.