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MOMMA needs milk money!


LawnSite Bronze Member
Southern Indiana
Hey, how many of you sometimes feel you need a mental jump start in the morning, but once your on site, all is fine & dandy. Many mornings Ill be eating breakfast, thinking ":rolleyes: man, it would be nice to go fishing today"


LawnSite Bronze Member
Martinsville, IN
I enjoy the work quite a bit and its kinda nice to go and make yards look beautiful with out talking to anyone or listening to phones ring all of the time. This will be my 6th season and I am not burned out yet!


LawnSite Fanatic
Beaverton, OR
I'll be the outcast;

I never liked mowing. I hated it growing up. I didn't like it all that much when I was out mowing all day when I first started my business. And even today, I don't enjoy it. To me, it's boring, repetitive, uses little to know creativity, isn't inspiring, it's messy, dirty, sweaty work and in Oregon it's usually wet and or muddy to boot.

Now maybe if I lived somewhere where you could actually see the sun and there were actually lawns bigger than 4,000 sq. ft. and I could have a big azz ZTR mower with a kick butt mulch kit on it so I didn't have to haul grass clippings away every 10 minutes, I might like it more. But here, it ain't much fun.

But I DO enjoy what I do - that is, running a Lawn care and Landscaping business. That part, does make me very happy. I've always wanted to work for myself (even if it was just mowing) and own my own business and build it up. It's challenging. It's rewarding. It requires lots of thought and dedication and creativity and overcoming obstacles. I love it. And so that's why I stick with my business.

But if all I did was mow every day - here in OR - just me - I'd have to say I wouldn't have lasted too long.


LawnSite Senior Member
I have only found one thing about owning my own business that I don't like. Dealing with slow pays or people trying to get over on you completely. Other than that I love what I do. There's always something new to learn; whether it's out in the field or in the dungon (office). Oh, one other thing.....winter sucks!


LawnSite Bronze Member
Originally posted by rodfather
It beats working at Micky D's...
Yes it does, LOL. I can't honestly say that I LOVE what I do but it SURE beats the $6.00 per hour I was making 5 years ago!!! I do LOVE working for MYSELF, though.


LawnSite Senior Member
Been doing it full time since 1993 after giving up a factory job doing process control and have never looked back . i know it burns there butt at the factory to see me living a much better life now than when i was working there and only having to work about 8 and a half months out of year . Yes you have numerous clients who actually are your bosses but you only have to see them once a week for a hour so . Iam usally burned out from mowing ect after thos 8 months but after the winter break and the month of march in fl you are ready to hit the green grass again


LawnSite Bronze Member
Providence, RI
Love It, Live It, and Breathe It, there is no better way to make a living ( Maybe a more profitable way ) but no where as fun as this industry:p

Gabriel Turf

LawnSite Member
Charlotte, NC
I have a highly stressful regular job as a computer programmer and I can honestly say that I have never had an ounce of stress mowing someone's yard. It is hard to beat the instant gratification factor.....