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  1. Bennett scape

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    OK check this out I got up Monday morning to start my day at a large five acre house with lots of woods and is hilly as hell. Anyway I loaded my stuff in the trailer and headed out, I got to the house and unloaded no one is home by the way, So I started my ZTR and begun to mow after about five min i got stuck in the mud, after about an hour of trying to get it unstuck i gave up and tied a rope to my truck and to the scag and tried to pull it out when that did not work and is still stuck. So i unhooked the rope and begun to drive out of there when guess what the truck got stuck! So i tried everything to get it unstuck but it did not work so i decided to call a tow to get me and the mower out. At this time it was about 1400 hours as i was waiting in the shade when the owner came home and bi-tched me out then left. The tow still had not arrived so i called again and they were 30 miles the wrong way out from the house despite giving them exact directions to the place which is right off the highway and easy to spot. Anyway it got to be about 1700 hours before they came and pulled me out so i mowed till it got dark then loaded up and went home. The next day i was on the freeway when the trucks tires fell off. I HATE MONDAY. :cry:

    edited: watch the language. jodi
  2. TheChiefsLawnCare

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    The tires on the truck feel off, wow, thats serious.
  3. TandM

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    This is the exact opposite of my day
  4. Bennett scape

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    yup the were loose from burning rubber on monday and they came off sparks flew cops got called and new tires were put on now the insurance might go up!

  5. TheChiefsLawnCare

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    Danm that realllllly sucks. Well goodluck, hope everything goes EXCELLET next monday. Who knows, maybe you get a new account or two as a payment for your headache.
  6. Bennett scape

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    man i hope so and thanks for your sypathy
  7. lawnwizards

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    you must have a piece of crap truck to not be able to pull a ztr.
  8. EagleLandscape

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    A) Shouldnt have been mowing in the mud.
    B) anytime you get stuck, check your truck fully. Mud and torque will jack stuff up.
    C) Got safety procedures in place?
  9. Smith Lawn & Landscaping

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    If it makes you feel any better i was cutting a house on the water, i was mowing on the edge by the water and the belt (pump belt) that controls my steering snapped. needless to say we all know what happened next. i tried to slow down and turn the opposite way and no go. I headed straight for the water and jumped off and hit the ground. my mower went about half way in the water. I finally pulled it out with the neighbors truck man what a day!!!! I didn't think to just turn the mower off i was trying to figure out how to avoid the water. LOL
  10. GreenerSideLC

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    I know the feelin only my Monday took place on Tuesday. Got home from My sister's wedding in South Carolina, took 14 hours to get home(driving) about 2:00am Tues. Get up at 7, head to my mechanic at 830 he doesnt show til 9 shows me the metal pieces that came from my transmission from a 2001 truck i bought in November. He says run it, its still shiftin fine. I head to my equipment dealer were they are workin on my lazer z, to see how thing are goin. After finding out it needed a new drive wheel and hydro pump last week they add another hydro pump cause it wasnt workin after the repair. The machine has only 1500hrs on it! I guess the only way to get by is to say to yourself **it happens, hopefully tomorrow will be better. :dizzy:

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