"Money is not an issue"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TotalCareSolutions, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. TotalCareSolutions

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    For those who are hesitant or are "lowballin". I had a customer today sign up, whose prime concern was not price at all. The last guy was simply inconsistent. Many, if not most of our customers have a similiar attitude. JUST GET THERE AND DO IT RIGHT.

    It is wide open, do not settle. I know im not alone. Who else has plenty of "goodpaying" customers?

    The economy may be a concern, but so is my yard....SO CUT IT!
  2. Navig8r

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    As others have said, sell yourself, not just the service.

    on my ad that comes out next I put "Reliable service with professional results"

    Hopefully that will attract those who've been missing these things from their current service provider.
  3. bastalker

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    I have found that alot of customers will pay for reliability!They have had the $20 cuts before, (when they show up) Now they will pay as long as you show up..;)
  4. Gr grass n Hi tides

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    Total -

    I just posted almost the identical comment on a thread a couple down from this one - "a question for low ballers." Agree with you 100%.
  5. I'm not very good. Or very fast for that matter. So I try to make up for it, by charging higher prices.
  6. yardman1

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    I have a good customer that pays me a month in advance, he pays the day of the first cut and if he is not there he pay me a late fee, his choice not mine, but its nice to have people hunt you down to pay you. I wish everyone was like him. I just had a guy finally get caught up from last oct.:angry:

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