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    Hi all. My name is Mike I am 17 years old I work for a landscaper and at golf store. I am a pretty lucrative young kid, as I have probably done more jobs (landscaping etc.) than almost anyone I know. My dilemma is I am used to doing my own landscaping, however that is not as often as I work for a landscaper. I get paid 10 an hour, I am not complaining, but I am starting to get into more commercial work such as using the scag and weed whacking. I am from NJ and I know everything is inflated around here so a lot of people are going to say that is crazy high but the cost of living is more around here than most places. I just want to make sure I am being paid right. Also I am always scheming plans with my one buddy on ways to make more money. Do any of you guys have any more ways, what did you do in the summers other than landscaping to make a quick buck. I hopefully won't be in this industry for long, however my philosophy is the more knowledge you have the more it can help you. I never know where I might get an unlucky break at a job, and have to take a temp position as a landscaper. So any thoughts would help. thanks
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    Well first off, the majority of the people here aren't doing this in the summer " to make a quick buck". Most here are running a business trying to grow and make a career. Secondly, saying hopefully you won't be in this industry long, and you do this if you had an unlucky break at a job may insult some here and turn them away from answering. Third, $10 an hour is about right for part time help.
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    I understand where your coming from, but I am not being disrespectful. I work for a landscaper I wasn't attempting to demote anyone or trying to put someone in place, I am simply saying I don't want to be in this industry for the rest of my life, its not for me. I was more interested in what others around here do for money when they are not landscaping
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    I would say that's about right considering you're part time and not ambitious about the work.
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    If there is no landscape work, a landscaper looks for more landscape work.
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    There's your problem, always onto some hustle or another, you'd think they know it too and that's why they don't pay you more.

    Not so long it involves your employer in any way, I don't.

    Probably and almost, but not quite.
    And that, my friend, doesn't cut it.

    It takes a lot more than a few years of solid grass cutting every day of the season before you can say you're good at it.

    Once you can start thinking in terms of 10 to 20 years, and then put yourself to the task at hand with your undivided attention and stop playing around on the bosses time, once you can do that consistently (meaning more than 90 days in a row) you might start to see some improvement.

    But you have got to give yourself to your work, and if this involves working on someone else's time then we as employers expect 100 percent out of you, nothing less, nothing more.

    Thank you

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    You brought this abuse on yourself. My question is what is a seventeen year old scheming kid who doesnt want to do this work worth. At $10 i think he is overpaying you. As far as "other ways to scam" powerwash or sealcoat driveways.
    Good luck and be careful with your postings, content.
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    I never said I don't work hard, and I should have specified I meant than any other kids my age. Lets be real landscaping is a tough industry and to make a living is even harder. I enjoy doing this right now in this point of my life, but I'm not cut out to do this the rest of my life. I am not discrediting anyone, I have the utmost respect for guys who do this day in and day out. I was just trying to get it does anyone have any on lines businesses that are profitable, just trying to open my mind. The more I know and the more I try new things, the quicker I will find a passion for something and pursue that for the rest of my life.

  9. mikemat31

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    In addition the landscaper I work for is by no means huge company. Just some guy with way to much equipment to the point wear its unjustifiable for the amount of work he has.
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    Well you already know that you make a lot more than 10 per hour when you have your own customers.I would try to get enough lawns so you can drop one of your jobs.You don't have to do this the rest of your life,but for now (your body can take the abuse) why not make as much $ as you can, and be your own boss.
    As far as making more money,the best way I know is by investing in the stock market.It takes money to make money,if you have a few grand take it out of the bank and open a Scottrade account.I'm following just one stock now AGNC,it pays a quarterly dividend of $1.25 per share ($500 per year for $100 shares) currently trading at 32.70 per share.If they do an SPO within the next week,it will drop the PPS to 31.70ish;that's the time to buy. I bought 900 shares last SPO and sold out before dividend Ex date for a $3,726 profit.(you can also lose money,but for now these REITS are safe.)
    There are a lot of mortgage REITS( real estate investment trusts) that pay high dividends (12%-16%) MTGE,ANLY to name a few.The time to buy them is now,when the fed starts raising interest rates,those huge dividends will shrink.

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