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    Funny you say stock market. My mom is an investment banker, some of the people who she works for are worth over 100 million dollars. That is exactly why I want to go into that trade. You work a lot less, no "handwork" unlike landscaping, and the profit margins are much higher. Im hoping to make a few grand before high school is over and invest it in her fund. Last year the funds returns was 13% which is considered unheard of in this market. check out the website
    some real profits can be made in the stock market
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    Most kids your age are partying and trying to impress their friends with bling.It's good that you have your focus on more long term goals.Your mom's fund looks like a good place to invest if you want someone else to invest for you,but I avoid having fees taken out by managing my own account(I do have a managed account with Valic)but I like to play the market.Other REITS that pay good dividends are CYS 14.8 %,RSO 14.6%,NCT 13%,and my favorite AGNC 15.5%. You can make $ buying and holding or buy at SPO and sell after it runs up to the Ex date.I'm learning about options where you can buy calls or puts on lots of 100 shares(each option is worth 100 shares)I just put $1000 into an option express account,and am going to start playing with that.
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    You could always manwhore.
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    Sounds interesting. because my mom is employed there they don't take management fees, and unlike other people who invest my mom has the ability to take out money whenever she needs. Its quite interesting playing the stock market.
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    Whose dog where are you from northern NJ, I am from the paramus area

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