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    i see good questions on all kinds of service that folks can think gutters,preasure washing,lanscaping,drains,sprinklers,ponds,etc etc etc ,,,,
    dont take this wrong......but i went into biss. to make money..running solo and having limited number of hours in the cutting season, i have found that if i can do somthing
    and make a dollor and it being somthing i can or have handeled... i'll do's all about money..keeps things from getting boaring,,,never before can i say when i wake up "i think i'll pick up a new account today a give myself a raise...not going to happen working for someone else....Lets face it the more things that i am able to offer my customers the more value i am to them . Ihear all the time looking at new accounts "this guy or that guy dosent do this or that ... most people would rather deal with the least ammount of folks as possiable....think about it...i know the way some have thier bizz set up it would be
    a strain ,,,,but those who have the Abbilty to do the EXTRA
    work ...make that money....cause someone will.and u never know when thier going to call someone in to do bushes because thier present service dosent and I ooo ooo i mean someone ends up with the whole thing.....

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