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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by garrettlawn, Apr 4, 2007.

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    All of you lawn/landscape companies that run 1-3 man crews. What do you average during the spring/summer/fall seasons per week? I am just trying to figure out if we are operating to a good potential. I am talking about gross average? I know some people have more overhead than others and thus will make net a different story. If anything what kind of numbers should a 2 man crew be turing per week if they were staying busy doing lawn care and landscaping.

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    like you said it all depends on everybodys different things suck as payroll ,insurance, truck payments, gas and on and on and on.I have two lawn crews with 3 guys per crew, and a landscaping crew thats working 5 days a week the lawn crews are cutting about 150 lawns a week. i bill out between lawns,landscaping,and other jobs about $47,000 a month yes it varies month to month but thats close to an average and of course thats gross not profit after all the bills are payed there might be a little for me :laugh:
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    A 2 man crew mowing should pull in $3500 - $4000 a week. I run 3 men crews though so do the math.
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    it is a total of 150 lawns a week between 2 crews each crew is cutting just about 75 lawns each.
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    Wow. I'm a lowballer then...:laugh: We run 2 man crews and average 2900-3200 per crew, per 40 hr. work week.

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