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Money Well Spent...

I wanted to pass this along for those of you interested in (particular you new LCO's on a tight budget) magnetic truck signs (I know I know about the pros & cons) check out these links.

Lawn Care -

Landscaping -

I custom ordered 3 sets from them and the were awesome to work with – all online (proof till you like it) and they really work hard to please customers – fast friendly and accurate service. I purchased the 3 sets of 12”x 24” CUSTOM (I laid out with my own company logo too) signs for $148.00 plus shipping. My local Ad-Mart, who by the way I’ve spent more than $800.00 in the past year on shirts, hats, cozies, pens etc. wanted $90.00 a set for the exact same thing - #($*@$&@*$@_*!