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    of course a national company can charge bottom of the barrel prices, they make only $2/hr (for example) off each guy, however when they have a few thousand employee's it still adds up. as a solo or small company you have to price yourself higher than the "big boys" and sell yourself on personal, professional service.
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    Oh goodie!
    I see some equipment for sale soon.

    Seriously... What % of estimates are you closing?
    There's a big difference between staying busy and making money.
    Anybody can go out, get a bunch of yards, and cut grass. The tricky part is building a profitable, legal,business while doing it.
    Lots of people plan on growing; and then find themselves just scraping by, with no money to buy additional equipment, hire employees, or pay taxes.

    What kind of yard are you cutting for $17?
    If you can't go from gate up to gate up in 25 minutes you are not making what you should. You should really be closer to 20 minutes from finish to finish.

    For example, I have one yard for $55/mo, front yard only, no trees, only trimming is around the mailbox, turf area is about 60X50, edge driveway on 1 side and road....... Throw in another few minutes and there you have an example of a $60/mo yard.
    The only reason I took it on is because it's on a stop with 3 stable customers.
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    They might upsell on fert and squirts and landscapes/hardscapes.

    Edit: I just peeked at their website...I am SURE they upsell on MANY different services.
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    The average price is $40+ a cut every 10 days for about 9 months during the year. You can't let the customer tell you your bussiness. I made all those mistakes 20 years ago the first time around. When I started I bought 60 Res. accounts that paid an average $15+ per cut and even back then it was hard work for little money. When I did a $5.00 per cut increase some of the customers looked for someone new in the business to do the work for less. Don't be fooled! and don't low-ball. It doesn't help you or the industry. Good luck! Thats just my opinion from experience

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    Good advice, --or move to somewhere you can make money at this if this is what you want to do
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    waiting for rain to stop so I will chime in on this. In my area I have a lot of guys who charge $50-$75 dollars a month for a yard I charge $100-$120 a month. One of these is a young kid fresh out of high school with a lot of new stuff. I ran into him one day and he started to brag how many yards he was getting. After talking to this young kid I found he had double the accounts I did which made him very happy, since I have been around a while and he was new. But what he didn't realize was that at his low prices. My partner and I were making the same or more than him with less accounts with higher prices. He has 2 helpers and works 6 days a week. We only work 4 days a week. I have always said work smarter not harder. Set your price and stick with it. But most of all be patient. You want the good paying accounts not the cheep ones.
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    Are you in FL?
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    Also, what services should I include for $100 a month?
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    Re-read this a few times ... it is very good advice. Don't low-ball ... give great service ... charge for your work ... you will succeed! Work smart ... think "image" ... charge for your professionalism and service.
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    None... :laugh:
    Mow, blow, and 'Go'. Edge every other visit.

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