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    quote from 2001
    Also, do not let any one set your price good customers are gold, whiners are a dime a dozen “ we can possibly meet so and so price if it is in writing and legitimate” haggling just is not worth the air to do it. You cannot have every lawn as some people are cheap and some of the cheapest son of a !#^#@! ichs live in three story mansions with prize winning lawns.
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    Just look in the top right for there location yes hes in fl. Yes you are low in price thats why you gained so many accounts in a short amount of time. average is 30 -35 a cut for average sub division landscape. And if you a doing clean-ups at that rate thats insane.
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    $60.00 a month sounds about right for FL but maybe a littl low. don't take pricing advice from anyone who lives above GA, they don't understand how FL works and really can't comprehend mowing grass in January and our "diverse" workforce.
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    Are you guys mowing once a week in Florida?
  5. Turf Terror

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    Yep...with so much rain here in Miami, I could mow every 5 days. LOL
  6. Cutman007

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    Every 10 days = 3 times a month at $30-40 a cut. Maybe in North Florida they can cut small lots for $60 a month. :)
  7. Braveheart

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    I'm getting $50 to $80 a month from my customers with $61 being the average. That includes mowing, edgeing, weed wacking and blowing off. But it seems that that is what 4 other lawn care companies are also charging. On my two highest paying accounts ($75 and $80) I am also doing hedges.

  8. General Landscaping

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    Rolled that one around in some sugar before throwing it out there:laugh:

    For those developments that are popping up everywhere; I've been including hedges/bushes trimmed, seasonal irrigation adjustment, and spray weeds in beds. It helps justify my price and doesn't cost me much since they all have the developer supplied landscape (bare minimium per code) If you were to charge the customer for these things, you would be nickel-n-diming them. It takes more time to sell than do.
    Look for things to include with your price that don't cost you much to do. Since it is included and not on a schedule, you can do it on the days you are running a little ahead of schedule, in the wasted time waiting for a helper to finish, on the days the customer is outside and will see you, etc.

    As mentioned in a previous post, edging can be scaled back to EOW to decrease time spent. The edging along hard surfaces looks rough quicker though, so I would hit it every week to maintain an "A" appearance, bed edges can go EOW, but watch for runners that set root on the other side(the yankees here don't understand how grass can jump an edge and set roots in less than 14 days)

    Be careful with your prices; once a customer pays $50/mo, it's hard to get them back in the right price range. Most likley they will get 30 estimates trying to find that price again......and they will find someone to do it
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    Nice to see so many FL guys in one spot

    We cut 42 weeks over here ....average 1/4 lot is $85-95 fore me ....which is $25-27 per cut .... billed monthly ...year round

    Not too say some other fool would cut the same yard at much less .... even $20 per cut is 5 year ago pricing .... or it'd have too be a pool table in size
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    If it rains alot and you cut every 5 days and you only make 60 per month its 10.00 per visit. Thats not nearly enough money even if you were to cut the grass for the entire year. I charge 35 per week for those small lots. There is no way I would cut grass for 10 bucks.

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