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    I recently did an estimate for a lady who just moved in from florida whose eyes opened wide when I said the price of 35 a cut for a pretty damn big yard. She said "I had someone in florida doing it for 60 a month", and I told her there's no way in hell you're getting that around here so she just did it herself. I was shocked when she said that, I thought she was just trying to cheat me into lowering the price, but now I know. Damn man, how can you live off that?
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    your going to kill yourself at those prices!! the reason a large company can charge that is because they have 3 to 4 guys on a crew and can knock out
    3-5 houses in an hour!! if your solo I would def up your rates. I for one don't take my equipt off my truck for less then 100 a month with a signed yearly agreement! and thats only for very local clients, other then that my rate is 120 and I don't make exceptions!

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    This is my first post, and I am in Jacksonville. I wouldn't cut any yards for less than $115 per month on an annual deal or $40 per cut. There is no way I'd cut any yards for $60/month.
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    Here is the game plan...

    First of all thank you all for your tips! I have cut all of my $50 accounts. Goal #1 is to go out and find 15 $100 accounts - I will keep you guys posted on my progress. Thanks again
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    How do you plan on finding all of these?

    I'm in Orlando and haven't had much luck finding new clients. I have about 5 right now after having 2 drop this past week. 1 because they're going through hard money times and the other got his mower fixed. Rats.

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