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I am thinking seriously about starting my own lawn mowing business, and i was just wondering if any one would like to share, How much money you could make in a summer just mowing lawns. If I do this I am going to do this alone, and don't plan on hiring any employees to help. Is there any one who does everything themselves. Also i havn't bought any equipment yet aside from a 2001 ford f150, and my 21" push mower and a weed eater. If anyone has any helpful advice I would appreciate it.

Touhey's Prime Cuts lawn service
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The hardest part is the first couple of years and the first investment into the equipment. Once you make it past those years and have a good customer base you can make descent money.


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The other hard part of starting in this business is convincing the significant other that i need good equipment, especially after i told her that i don't want to be a teacher any more, but instead mow lawns.


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kansas city, MO
you can do well in this business if you fucus on quality...that includes your equiptment

i speak from experience here don't use home owner stuff!!!!!!!

it will cost you way more in the end...what happens when your murray or craftsman or what ever breaks and you have to mow that day...well buy a new one or fix it but you'll be right back in the same situation later...

if you can't do anything else get a 36" gear drive and go from there at least you won't be fighting mecanical problems after all you make money mowing , not repairing...although i do small engine repair in the winter!