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Montana and Farm Trac tractors below 40 HP are basically the same machines, manufactured by LG in South Korea.
Unfamiliar with the machines over 40 HP.
My Neighbor has had a 360 DTC Farm Trac (39 gross HP) for a little over a year. Seems to like it so far .


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LG makes them, and the smaller Farmtrac tractors, as someone else posted. They also manufacture some of the Tafe tractors, (2700, 2800, 3300, 3600, 4500). They were briefly imported and sold as Agracat (the 4740, 4940 and 5940), and this is the business that JB Hunt is now involved in with the LG Montana tractors. Seem good and dependable. Over the years, LG has been involved with Fiat, New Holland and Mitsubishi.


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Is this the same LG that makes cell phones, household appliances and consumer electronics??? What was that old saying "Jack of all trades...."
I think you'll find many Asian companies display this degree of diversity in their manufacturing - i.e. Hitachi, Mitsubishi, and Samsung all have consumer electronics and heavy equipment divisions. Doesn't necessarily, nor inherently, make their products bad.

That said, a couple years ago, LG spun off their heavy equipment division. It is now called LS(?), 'tho I don't know what the "LS" stands for.

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From what i could see up close @ the NE grows show, they seem to be well made & they sure give you a lot for the $.


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A guy I know in Greenwood, IN with a biz was talking to me about his tractor purchase decision process. He said that he was always a Deere man, but the Montana was $10,000 cheaper for about the same tractor. However, he also added that he would only buy the tractor because he's had a substantial track record of positive history with his dealer that sells the Montana brand. He's seemed to have had good luck with the unit from what I've heard.


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Don't know about the montana but I have a mahindria. 4 years no major problems yet. I don't see how I could have went wrong, alot cheaper, 3 year warrinty, and 3 year 0% finance. The only thing is parts are very expensive. Bought a glow plug yesterday (26 hp diesel) $50 that is crazy, but if they are the only one that sells them they got ya.