Month old sod turning brown

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Yardley, May 30, 2012.

  1. knox gsl

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    I think this would be a great application for synthetic turf.
  2. agrostis

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    You know what ? Your probably not going to find a reel mower that cut's that high. And if you do, it's not going to cut well. Reel mowers are good for cutting at 2' and below. I know that's a little spot but you might need to consider a motorized rotary that will cut a 4".
  3. Yardley

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    Bummer, the Fiskars Momentum cuts at 4" but you're probably right in that it won't do a great job. I would have to read around. Thanks a ton for your help!
  4. agrostis

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    You have a rodent digging up the grass problem ? A for real, ongoing problem ? You might have to many grub's. They are food for skunk's. I will tell you how to find out if there is a problem tomorrow evening, it's not complicated, a couple of 2 x 4's and some dawn dishwashing detergent is all you need.
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  5. Yardley

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    Definitely ongoing, the skunks started tearing up the sod right away after it was installed. I put an end to that, but the squirrels keep coming. I think with them its more about hiding nuts in the ground since they also dig into my girlfriends pots where there are no grubs, but then again they could be looking for grubs there too I guess. Looking forward to the experiment, sounds interesting haha.
  6. Smallaxe

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    The grass was left too long/tall for too long a time... when it gets that long that it is always falling over on its neighbor there is going to be dieback...
    As the roots in sod go into the soil, the soil needs to dry at the suface and be moist deeper in the dirt...
    You can't judge the moisture in the soil by touching the top of the grass...

    Nevertheless, your problem at hand is too much top growth rotting the neighboring plants...
  7. agrostis

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    Take four 3' long 2 x 4's. Make a square. This give's you an interior measurement of 144 sq. in. This is one sq. ft. of area. Make 2 gallons of soapy water. Use 4 oz. of dawn dish detergent. Put that square in the middle of the grassy area. Pour ALL of the soapy water over ALL of of the ground inside that square. Wait 30 - 45 minute's. The soapy water will irritate the grub's and they will come to the surface. Count the number of grub's in this one sq. ft. area. This is what you are looking for.
    According to what i read about your area, 5 - 6 grub's per sq. ft. is the acceptable number of grub's for a cool season grass, which is what you have. Use a hose to wash the soapy water in or you will have a yellow square in your yard.

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