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Atlanta, Ga.
Does anyone have an opinion of which is better, to leave a monthly invoice at the customers doorstep or to send an invoice through the mail? Which is your preference and why? Thanks, David


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SW Missouri
I leave bills at residential accounts and mail to commercial. I figure you are there, might as well save the postage ($30+ per month for me). I leave the bill in a return envelope. Mail to commercial Attention Accounts Payable or to a specified person that you know pays the bills.

JJ Lawn

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I have always mailed all my customers a bill at the end of the month. I put a return envelope with the bill. Just seems to me that it is more professional to mail them than knocking on doors collecting.<p>I don't have to make return trips delivering invoices or having to keep going back to collect payments if the customer is not at home. Besides, postage is a deduction on your taxes.<p>But then, I have a great bunch of customers. Most of them pay by the 10th or 12th of each month.<p><p>----------<br>Jim.....from Fouke, Arkansas (Home of the Boggy Creek Monster)<br>


I go one step further <br>by placing a stamp on the self<br>addressed envelope.<p>Since ALL my customers must buy a<br>full service lawn care package and<br>the billings are over $100.00/mo.<br>it's no big deal.<p>IMHO one should do business in the<br>hi-end markets and leave the &quot;problem&quot; accounts to cripple<br>the bottom feeders.<p>When a potential customer tries to dictate<br>what size mower or any other cultural practices to do I ask the<br>following question:<p>When you go into the hospital do<br>you tell the doctor how to perform<br>an operation on you?


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Beaverton, OR
We mail them out every month. I think that's a little more professional. But I don't think it matters all that much. <p>Return envelopes and postage on them is a cool idea. I don't do that however, for a few reasons. <p>1) It's costly. People will pay me regardless of whether I include the envelope or not. Why waste another $40 on postage and envelopes when I don't have to? I can see the argument for a return envelope, but almost no companies pay for postage. Think about it. Do your credit card companies and other companies that bill you do that? Why not? Seems pretty standard not to include postage. But then again, if you want to got that extra mile, go ahead. If you are making all the money you want to make and can afford it, what the heck. I just choose not to<p>2) A lot of my customers pay through automatic bill paying services. An envelope and stamp for them is a total waste. <p>3) I am setting up all of our new customers on an automatic check debiting system, so payments via mail will be insignificant for us in the future. <p>----------<br>Jim Lewis - Lewis Landscape Services<br>


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Central CT
I agree with Jim, save the stamp and envelope unless you have money to burn. I too have many customers who use the automated paying services. Its ten bucks a month, I might sign up myself!<p>I mail out invoices at the end of the month. This way I have no question as to whether I forgot someone, and they all go out at the same time.<p>Bill


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If you get paid in advance like me, then it doesn't matter.

Gene $immons

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How many customers do you have, and how fast do you want to get all of the invoices out? We mail ours monthly, with a reply envelope (no postage). About 1/2 return very quickly, the rest trickel in until its time to mail out again.


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I mail all mine. most of my custumes are from out of town. I lve in a tourist area. Most have 2 homes. 1 in Ohio and 1 here on chautauqua lake.

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