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    I was asked to include bed maintenance in a monthly fee for some of my commercial buisness accounts. These beds are not huge. I'd say a 20 foot center bed where the sign is located and then two small areas on either side of the buildings.

    I maintain subdivision frontages but I bill the flowerbed maintenance individually for each service performed. Does anyone have a monthly set fee for flowerbed maintainence?
    This is what will be included: 90 4inch annuals placed twice annually
    mulching once a year with pine straw
    soil/compost added with annual placement, pre/postemergents for weed control, fertilizer, insecticide, fungicide and pruning as needed. In materials, I think I'd have about $300.00 in expenses.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    i can only help you by what i know and i only do landscape maintenance no mowing. i charge a perhr rate for a minimum of 2hrs per visit depending on difficulty of site and being billed per man hour. which includes weeding, light debri removal, and any light shrub or perennial care(not including shrub trimming). i have a maintence plan that goes as follows:


    they also must sign up for a spring and fall cleanup. mulch, shrub trimming, fert, annuals, and design/installs are all extra.

    my minimum per hour rate is $45, my average rate is $50.

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