Monthly / Per snow???

John Allin

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Erie, PA
This late in the season ??? ..... stick to your guns..... do it the way you're comfortable with....

Don't mind me, I'm ansy cause I'll be up and down all night looking out the window, checking the weather channel radar, finally driving up "on the hill" to see if the Lake Effect is kicking in as promised.

AND, we only have one plow actually hung on a truck.....



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My advice take your average amount of snows, for exacample:

10 storms on average, always add a few extra in your favorite, i picked 10 because the math was quick and easy in my head.

10 storms times 40 dollars per storm = 400 dollars

Lenght of Season: Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar. = 5 months

400/5 (5 months of service) = 80 dollars

so charge him 80 bucks month.