Moon light effect


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el paso, texas
I have a backyard rock fence with a chain link fence 6" high, 90% of this fence is covered with jasmine. I was wondering if you have any lighs that I can attach to the top of the chain link fence rail with the light facing down to produce a moon light effect. I have seen pics of this done for trees, where they actually put the lights on the tree branches facing down.

Frog Lights LLC

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Try our LED 1. This LED light uses less than one watt and burns for more than 11 years. Further, it is stainless steel and waterproof. It can be mounted in many ways. We have it in 3 different colors. Green, blue and white. I used a green one on my wood fence and it looks super. The white light give off a blue tint that would look like moon light.. You did not say how long the fence is so with the low wattage you can place many on one circuit without care to voltage drop. I will try to post a pic of the fence. Let me know if I can help or advise in more detail.

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