Moonlighting taken to new heights

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, May 29, 2013.

  1. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Well it has taken a while but I have finally got my hands on a spider lift! I head to Boston to pick up my new tuepen Leo15gt spider lift on Tuesday and can hardly wait to get it back here and into use. This lift will give us unparalleled ability to get way up into the forest canopy as well as be able to safely work at heights on structures. :weightlifter:

    Light on!
  2. Lite4

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    That is an awesome lift James. Congrats-I'm sure you will have it paying for itself in no time.
  3. BrandonV

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    Those things are awesome. I've seen a crane version they make and it's amazing what it can do with such a small footprint.
  4. lirjc1

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    Got to use one of these on a job, it's the greatest thing ever.
  5. bcg

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    I'm jealous. I've rented lifts a few times for jobs and they make life so much easier. I love being able to put all my tools,fixtures, wire, etc. in the lift with me instead of having to pull a bucket up with a rope or carry it up the ladder. It makes jobs so much more efficient.
  6. RWI

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    Messages: 125, and I thought I had some fancy equipment
  7. Alan B

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    Cooler than cool! Goes 50' high, can stabilize on uneven ground, yet can fit thru a narrow doorway? That's one versatile piece of equipment.

    What are your thoughts on maneuvering the lift when you are not on pavement? The low ground clearance of the tank tracks might be challenging getting it near the tree you want to downlight from (difficult to drive it on rocky, soft or tilted terrain). Certainly would work great on pavement but the pics of your installs around lake Muskoka seem to be on rocky, hilly, steep terrain.

    Lastly be careful! Lots of force trying to sink those stabilizers if they are not on hardscaping. Imagine the pressure when you are 50' high and off center from the base.

    Both of the above are moot if you keep the machine on the driveway, but if you do that it really limits what you can downlight from.
  8. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    The lift is very versatile Alan. it will traverse a 23 deg grade, it will set up on a 13 deg grade. The unit only exerts about 7psi while travelling so you can move it over the landscape without causing damage. When it is set up the 4 pads exert about 15 psi, but you can get optional pads to spread the weight out a bit. I plan on making a set with cleats on the bottom for ensuring a strong stance when on loose soils. Most of our forest installations are along pathways and driveways, so that provides us with a prepared 'roadbed' on which to set the machine on and a flat surface to drive it on. Also the width of the tracks and height of the undercarriage are adjustable! As you narrow in the tracks to from 32" to 24" it raises the body up and increases ground clearance. German engineering...

    It has a 20' lateral reach, which means we will be able to install 2 - 3 fixtures from one staging/setup spot. Obviously it will not be used for every fixture on every job, but the opportunities it opens up are just awesome. Working on structures is going to be such a breeze, and no risk of damaging soffits, fascias, siding, etc with ladders.
  9. Alan B

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    Nice. Thumbs Up

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