Moose on the loose

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ianc, Jun 22, 2001.

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    Well sometimes a client will purchase some work of art to compliment the surrounding landscape - this client purchased "THE SKERRIT MOOSE" on e-bay for way to much money and it was my task to accomodate it into the landscape - Well we hired a crane to move it - know matter where this went it looked out of place - The client agreed to paint the Moose to the natural colours

    Mabey I will get lucky and a local hunter will mistake it for the real thing and blow it's head clean off!!

    Also put up a photo on my software newsletter

  2. Island Lawn

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    I like the idea of your online newsletter!

    But I wouldn't use it to slam a customer's buying decision!
    I assume this is meant for your customers to read.
    If so, how is the response?
    Do you know if any of your customers are utilizing your online newsletter?

    You could plant some trees and srubs around/over the moose. This might help blend/hide it
    Maybe incorporate a waterfall/stream/pond.

    But if there is a danger of your customer's property being shot at, stand it off by itself and paint it blaze orange!
    Hopefully it won't get shot at while you're working with it! LOL
  3. ianc

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    The online newsletter goes to landscape designers that use our landscape software - so quite often we poke fun at some of the suggestions clients come up with in reguards to landscping.

    I also happen to be a contractor and this is my last project before I convert from landscape guy to software guy.

    Last week we had a client who wanted 2 dead poplar trees cut off 10' feet from ground level - because his hammok fit there perfectly - He didn't care about the investment in landscaping - just the two trees
  4. greens1

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    Oh dear lord, what the h-ll was she thinking ? I'm not shure that thing is sutable for landfill.

    Maybe just put some purple and red mulch arround it and strap a speaker to it's ass, then you have a drive through for your new mooseburger franchise. LOL

    Jim L :jester:
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    Only in Canada!!

  8. greens1

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    If there's any justice in the world, the ship will go down with all 750 moose aboard.

    Jim L
  9. ianc

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    Had a painter "tune up" the moose to the natural colours,
    see pic
    The client will have to live with the result

    hopefully I will not get stuck with any other Moose projects

  10. SCL

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    This is just way to cool. Here in Illinois I think I'll get a Holstein painted up to put by the pond. :p

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