More 2011 Hustler problems

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by JTLarson, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. greenology

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    I feel your pain moaboy, its just so annoying having these problems where there is no obvious solution & in the meanwhile its costing you your hard earned money!

    Good you have checked the pulleys, possibly the tension could be increased a couple links? When mine was going through belts, it appeared to have enough tension to me & mechanics, but once it was given the extra tension the problem was fixed... worth a try, give it another couple links and see how long the belt lasts this time.
  2. retrodog

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    It might be worth it for you to buy a belt tension tester. They are around $100 we have one of course. It clamps on the belt and has a tension guage so you can set ur belt tension perfectly. Most dealers dont even use them, but i highly recommend them... it might have been $180 now that i think about it...
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  3. Landscraper1

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    Over 500 hrs on my X-One. Nothing happened yet, not even a belt to replace. Could of gotten a lemon. I have about a dozen Hustler mowers. I did get one Super Z a few years back that had a few problems from the start but, still have it on a crew, going strong with over 2000 hrs.
  4. cimkill

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    Moaboy, I think the tension is the problem as everyone else has suggested. The bent blade issue could be the ramp angle or going over sidewalks the hinged part of the ramp on your trailer if its too steep can bottom out your deck just at the blades and blades will bend upward or the same thing can happen going over sidewalks that are raised. Just a thought based on same thing happening to me then i figured it out and no bent blades since. Good Luck! I personally love Hustlers.
  5. moaboy

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    hi Here in new zealand we are paying over $250 for one belt and we get no warranty and i have bought 9 of them in the last 10 months. I am still battling with the dealer in trying to get the problem fixed. We have been thro the pulley's and alignment of the belt and now will go and pull the tension belt up a bit tighter. I would be interested in USA supplier address if anyone has one so i could buy direct. I think that i got a bad belt batch because the ones that broke after 20 to 40 hours always snapped clean in half.
  6. retrodog

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    Dang man, sounds like you need to buy from over here. USPS can ship the large flat rate box over there for $50 to $70....
  7. greenology

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    This was the same symptom I had with my belt, it would be a clean break.

    Does the XR7 deck have chain link tensioner as with the newer VX4? if so you shouldnt have any problem giving it a couple extra links without the hassle of going back to the dealer. I would give this a try asap

    Almost $2500 in belts, man thats tough! I thought $800 was bad for me
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  8. TLS

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    What are the rpm's at engagement when these breakages are occurring? Is it the first lawn of the day, just after extreme mowing, hot, cold, etc.
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  9. Mickhippy

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    Are you using genuine Hustler belts? Could try after market like Gates Hi-Power or something.
    I put the part number into a search tool on the site and there is a match (6919BR) but couldnt go any further. Maybe give them a call?
    I used them on my old machine without issues, just need to use Hustler hydro belt as others would slip but there is a match for that now too.

    But at the end of the day you need to find out why your belts are breaking. Are you engaging at full revs?
    How how you found the discharge? Any clumping or windrowing?
  10. TLS

    TLS LawnSite Fanatic
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    I was thinking engaging either too high or too low. I know a low engagement really can whiplash that spring idler and that back-lash could bobble the belt.

    The VX4 are spinning a great deal more mass. Every pulley is bigger and heavier, then you have the pizza pan pulley. Then you have thicker and wider blades. Everything is going to cause a greater belt load.
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