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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by PSUhardscaper, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. PSUhardscaper

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    New project about to be done. Just waiting for the jobsite to dry out so we can do some finish grading as well as mulch/plant/seed. Also, caps have been leveled and glued since these pictures were taken last friday. We have installed 6 under-cap lights on the wall and one puck light against the last step from bluestone to the deck.

    Just curious as to what you guys are paying for thermaled (guaged) 1.5" bluestone? Thanks, and let me know what you think.

    Oh, before I get questions on why I have so many 90 degree turns.. everything works out with furniture they plan on buying and where they want their grill, ect...





  2. Lite4

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    I like the wall stone. Is it a type of dimensional sandstone? Doesn't look manufactured.
  3. PSUhardscaper

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    I chose that stone because I thought it was natural sandstone when I first saw it. It is Hanover's Chapel Stone. It's about $14/sf. You can't build it higher than 30" there is no pin system. Just glue.
  4. Lite4

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    Hmmm, I really like that. I'll have to see where my closest supplier for that is. Not sure I could even get it here.
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  5. SVA_Concrete

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    looks good so far, im curious how you are going to treat the right side (as facing) of the steps.
  6. cameronderzack

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    A few things... I hope I'm not being too picky.

    1) The wall on the left side following the steps upward I would have continued to step it up more time to make it cap off the top step and balance out the step-ups on the wall more.

    2) I think you may need to focus more on understanding how bluestone patterns interlock in groupings and generate a better pattern grouping.

    3) for the step down and staggered walkway (I like where your head was at but just needs a little bit more).. I think it would had really looked best if you had two large 6-inch step slabs and staggered them. This would had allowed the top step to extend out nicer to allow the landscape bed you have next to it be more gentle which is something you would look for in your angular contemporary design.

    This are thoughts to make it look better next time. Something we all think off afterwards.
  7. PSUhardscaper

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    SVA: With a 'design on the fly' change we added 2 more steps to that stair case. So yes, I agree it is very steep and if I could go back I would add another wall that returns up that side. I am planning on vinca close to the bluestone and along the steps and spirea/coneflower along the deck. I have talked to the homeowner about how we will mulch that area this summer but as the vinca spreads it will hold the bank back without the need for much mulch in the future.
    CAMERON: thanks for the input. We don't really use a pattern with bluestone when there are so many turns in the design. Minimizing bond lines and "plus signs" (4 corners meet) is the priority but unless you are doing one giant rectangle patio that becomes more of a headache than anything else.
  8. PSUhardscaper

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    also Cameron, I hear ya on the wall next to the steps but with an overhanging bluestone cap you can't make it meet flush with the top of a step. We played with our options and made the decision to end it 1 step early. Otherwise we would be notching a cap to fit around the top step. Not to say every job would turn out that way, but that's the way our wall height fell in regards to our final step height.

    DVS: I've been waiting to hear a comment about the handrail (or lack of one). The client has signed a separate waiver claiming liability for any injury as well as taking full responsibility for installation.
  9. DVS Hardscaper

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    haha - I didn't even notice! Been a busy week and today is only Tuesday.

    I know money is always an issue, but the deck should be taken down and a nice raised patio go in it's place, leading to the lower patio.

  10. PSUhardscaper

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    Maybe next year...

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