More Brown Recluse, and Chigger bites because of the heat?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by spray_man, Jul 31, 2011.

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    More Brown Recluse, and Chigger bites because of the heat?

    Always feared being bitten by a Brown Recluse spider. Never thought much about Chiggers. Today I am nursing a Recluse bite, and suffering from multiple (50 +) Chigger bites. The only thing I am doing different? I am having to wear short pants and short sleeve shirts, because of the heat. This is what I learned:

    Get to a doctor or ER ASAP after a Recluse bite. I got there withing 24 hrs. The quicker you lance/remove some of the poison, and start taking antibiotics, the less damage done. BTW the bite is a single puncture (looks like a small pimple after about 8 hrs), and will not itch like any other bite. It will hurt more, and feel like you have a knot under the skin the size of a large quarter, and growing. Do not know if repellent failed or not, because I do not know when or where the spider came from.

    Chiggers can be repelled by insect repellent (DEET) Although they must be able to crawl on it to the untreated areas. My leg, arms, neck, and face where treated. I have bites in the crotch waist (many right around the belt area - could not get mast the tight belt), and upper arms/shoulders. The itching is intensive, and cortisone cream does not work. A hot bath, soap/I used Head and Shoulders shampoo - seems to work better. Try to scrub the areas - not too ruff - with a towel or sponge. Chiggers are microscopic/cant see them. They will attach to the skin and feed on the protein, by liquefying it. No need for a doctor on this one, unless you scratch too much and get an infection.
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    damn what the hell were you doing?

    good luck.......
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    Are you sure they are Chiggers?

    A chigger will start to burrow into your skin. Growing up and playing in the grass, what everyone called chiggers were actually something else.

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    I can only speculate where I was when I got bitten. The Recluse bite doesn't hurt until about an hour. The chigger bite takes 2 -3 hours to notice.
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    Around here, turkey mites are terrible. A friend of mine was put into the hospital after riding his 4 wheeler in the woods. Was covered head to toe with turkey mite bites.
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    Same thing I am thinking. You have to be in some deep woods to get that bit up. But I have Been There and Done That hog hunting. They are not a pleasant experience.
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    I'm 100% sure. All of the symptoms are there, and I spent last night reading on the NET. I could not sleep. The itching is intense. Some articles specifically said "Chiggers do not burrow into the skin - like ticks. They have a "stinger" like device that does not come off after the bite, however - big however - they remain connected from 1 to 3 days - That is why after you bathe and scrub the area it removes them from the skin, and the itching goes away. I'll post some picks - ASAP
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    Put your pants and sleeves back on. Even in FL the smart guys were the long clothes. Benadryl at 50mg every 6 hours should help with itching and let you rest. Fluids will help dilute and excrete the toxins. Pool, hot tub or sauna also gives relief.
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    It looks like the Chigger is inveded in the skin on the first picture. If you read the attached link it tell you that it is a pore in the skin. The leg picture is not mine. The bites look different, depending on how you react to bites. My bites looked exactly like mosquito bites. Initially I thought I was attacked by mosquitoes. But, could not figure out how they got inside my drawers.


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    I'm with the Patriot here, I can't believe anyone would not wear long pants and sleeves down here doing this work. I've seen nit-wits in shorts muscle T and sandals.

    Any way, we wear long lightweight khaki's, roomy light weight long sleeved company shirts, boots & socks above the ankle and Nitril gloves for... you know.

    I keep antihistamine in liquid form on the trucks just in case.

    Down here we run into coral snakes, pygmy rattlers, cotton-mouths, scorpions, pythons, hostile iguanas big enough to make boots out of. Not to mention gators, wild boars you name it. Then every insect that bites, africanized bee colonies that like to nest in water meter boxes, wasps, hornets, fire ants that are born pi$$ed off that doesn't include the foliage that is an irritant or has thorns big enough to rip flesh out of your body.

    Best to be a little warmer, drink more water and move just a little more slowly.

    Those bite's look like they'll be uncomfortable for a while.

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