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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by 1MajorTom, Nov 16, 2001.

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    I know with the holidays fast approaching, a lot of you are looking to pick up or order your holiday greeting cards.

    Because we send out a large quantity, I was not looking to spend big bucks. We not only send to our regular customers, but customers who we did one time jobs for, and also our family and friends. This year we are looking at a little over 170 cards.
    We use a company called ampad.
    You can check them out at or if you want to go straight to the Holiday cards, it is

    These cards are very fancy on the front, but they are blank on the inside. They are designed so the buyer then can personalize them how they wish and run them thru the printer. (That is what we really like about them.)

    We are using item 19355, but their website does not really do them justice. They are fancy and have the raised front.

    Because I was worried this year that I would not be able to find them, I called the company direct to find out if I could just order from them. I found out that they will only be sold at Walmart SuperCenters. The Walmart stores usually only get in one pallet or as in our case at our local store, they only got a half pallet in. (A pallet sound like a lot, but is not.)
    They come packaged 20 in a box for $6.97. I feel that is very reasonably priced considering some of the other websites I have looked at. Our cost for 9 boxes was only $66.49.

    Last year we used item #19154.

    Ok, enough babbling now. Just thought someone might be interested in this.
  2. AltaLawnCare

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    Thanks for the site, that is a good price!:)

    It's already that time again. I'm going to send mine out the first week of December. I went with the NEBS with the reindeer singing "mowing all the way", the minimum amount was all that I needed.
  3. kutnkru

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    Thanks Jodi!!! ;)

    Amazing how fast it seems the season is approaching when it feels like not that long ago I was wondering how to juggle some accountys and a landscape project that needed the full staff back then -LOL!!!

    I just sent out Thanksgiving Thank Yous (that will be in addition to X-Mas) to all who worked with us this season as far as contractors and fellow employees are concerned. Vendors and clients get theirs for X-Mas. :)

  4. Andrew Hardscape

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    Like Altalawncare we have been using Nebs Mainstreet Collection for about 5 years.

    The customers love the cards and always say our card is always their favorite every year.

    I highly recommend you call NEBS and check out their MainStreet Collection holiday cards.

    You won't be sorry!

    MDs Finest
  5. cos

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    I got free samples from that that Guido pointed out. They are pretty nice and very professional.
  6. Lawn-Scapes

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    Holy smokes...

    $137.00 for 25 cards... there goes my profit for the year :eek:

    Looks like I'll be heading to the local Hallmark store..
  7. gene gls

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  8. Jodi, thanks

    I went to Wal-Mart like you mentioned. found some very nice embossed cards with gold leaf.

    I didn't find the blank ones, but these had a nice message inside.

    I just matched the font style for the signature and ran them thru the printer. Not one flub and it didn't even scratch the gold leaf.

    This is my first year sending cards to customers.

    Thanks for the info.


    PS: Next year I may try changing the font style on the envelopes too.
  9. solaras

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    My partner is also a graphic artist, so he designed ours for us. We also made it were they could use it as a gift certificate valued at $25. Puts a little money back in their pockets for the holidays. I sure hope they appreciate it. If they left us alone and paid on time, they got 2. If they constantly wanted something for nothing, they got nothing. We also sent one extra that they can give to whoever, but they themselves can't use that one.. Does anyone do anything similar?

    Oh yeah, "Happy Holidays Everyone"
  10. solaras

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    I put our in an attachment.. Check it out!!

    gift cert1.jpg

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