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More info on installing


LawnSite Senior Member
The Jersey Shore
I was wondering where i could obtain more information on installing pavers and ponds. These seem to be untouched markets in my area and i would like more information before i offer it to customers. thanks



LawnSite Bronze Member
No.VA, zone 7
For pavers, go to http://www.icpi.org
Also, your paver supplier should be willing to help you learn. And then, of course, there are several good threads on the subject right here--just use the search function to bring them to your screen.
For ponds, many landscapers like Aquascapes because they have an organized system for installation and an easy to understand catalog.


LawnSite Bronze Member
The threads here are good re: pavers, and Aquascapes makes an easy-to-install product. We did our first pond this fall, and we had a blast! Easy and fun.