More information on high torque trimmer heads



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If you get any of the bigger 4 mix power heads you will not need a high torque head. I have a KM130 and its by far the most powerful trimmer Ive ever run, nothing that Ive cut with the string trimmer attachment has ever bogged it down. The 4 mix heads have alot more TQ than the 2 stroke units.

My take on the high torque heads is mixed. Overall I like the one on my Maruyama but it takes some getting used to because you have to get it much higher in the RPM's to get the headspeed you need at times.
One of my buddies has an FS-131 that I've used to do his fence lines. I feel like it has bit more torque than my Shindaiwa T302 with the standard head, but it's not even close to the torque that the Echo high torque head with 2 to 1 gearing provides on my T302.

It's a different type of torque as well. The 4 mix motors do really well maintaining when they meet resistance, but they don't recover or accelerate the same way the high torque gear heads do on a big 2-stroke. You can really notice this with something heavy like a mulching blade

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