more kohler problems??


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OK I'll fess up I have a 25 hp kohler, up to now I havnt had a problem at all, I also have 2 15 hp one lungers.
My 25 hp has 205 hours and today it sounded like the lifters started tapping. I use 10-30 synthetic blend castrol,and just changed the oil at 190 hours. It wasnt low on oil and had a few hours on the change. The kohler guy said could be a bad filter, I changed oil again today, no change.
I dont want to be bashed for owning a kohler, Kawasiki parts take weeks to get here if they do break down. There arnt that many kawas around here other then deeres and if you dont have a deere they dont want you shadowing their door.

Does anyone have any ideas ???


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Sounds like air in the lifter. They have hydraulic lifters and if an air bubble gets in it, it will sound like a VW Bug (old style). Most common cause is overfilling oil level. The crank splashes the oil and makes it fizzy (tiny air bubbles) this fizzy oil then makes its way into the lifter and it cavitates and doesn't pump up. It really doesn't hurt anything. Mine used to do it around 200 hours also. Been real careful about oil and hasn't happened since. Are you sure it isn't a head gasket? They may leak combustion pressure causing a similar sound.

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I got our Kohler back from the distributor 2 days ago. They put a new carb on it. They said that solved the problem. We sent it out, and it grenaded. Seized up. Tired of fighting Kohler on the warranty, I had our mechanic tear it down.

Bad casting on the timing gear and it sheared off. Cam weight for valve timing was installed backwards, and the keeper pin was put in from the wrong side. All factory problems. New carb didn't do a thing. Took parts from the old Kohler, put them in correctly, and it works fine.

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As Dixie1 said, it is probably over filled. It doesn't take much over the full mark to have this problem. It is better to have them a fuz under than a fuz over the full mark. I bet if you pull the dipstick when they are rattling, it will have little bubbles all over the dip stick. Check it again and if over full, drain out a bit and the problem will go away.

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Mine has 138 hrs on it,and it clatters for no reason from time to time-the oil level is in the middle of the stick.My dealer said to change the oil at 25hr intervals to stop it.After thinking about when it was ticking,i noticed that he was right-it only ticked when the oil had more than 25hrs on it.It will only tick when it wants to-one week nothing-next-tick,tick.Since oil is cheap-ill try the 25hr interval for a while-if the tick doesnt return-ill keep doing it at 25.

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